Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacations, vacations, vacations... then paperwork to follow

Well I took a little hiatus from the adoption paperwork slog over the last month and did some much needed recharging. Things started out with a girls Vegas trip for "low-towers" birthday. Some shopping and seeing and singing (George Michael was amazing!) was done and I am sad to report that I will no longer be speaking with my old freind Patrone... he came over un-invited and left me with a really sore head and queesy stomach the next day... damn hombre. Next stop on the vacation train was Shushwap Lake with Matt and Kari. Tianna came with me and the highlight of the trip (no - not me drinking Corona (my alternate Mexican friend who I still speak to) out of a straw while I wallowed in self pitty over my injured back from wake boarding) but Tinanna getting up behind the boat. I think we were both pretty stoked and I am very proud!!! Moving on to the final destination of this tour was Maui for Mindys' wedding. Michelle R (Low-tower) and I had a great time at the Papakea Resort (I'll post pictures when I can get them off of my camera - computer crashed while I was gone). It was by far the most relaxing vacation I have ever had.
Now, home and back at it. All documents (passport, birth certificate, home study, forms etc) were submitted on Friday to Choices. They will have been notarized and apostled by tomorrow and then things will be submitted for translation this week (should take 4 - 6 weeks - I'm banking on 4) then, the last stage here will be submitting for legalization to the Russian Consulate (another 3 - 4 weeks - I say 3) So with all of my expertise in the adoption arena, I am hoping to be submitted in region by mid(ish) September... then I wait. Ole is in Russia now and is bringing me home a Starbucks Mug from Arabat St. in Moscow. Will be a nice way to start my morning!

In other news, a great friend of mine told me she pregnant this morning. Even though we don't live in the same city it will be great to be on Mat leave at the same time. I laughed and told her it was great - she got knocked up and I knocked myself up all at the same time!!! Well, I better take stinky for a walk (Mangoes and soup bones - one was a self selected treat... one was not) make for a nasty aroma around the house. Cheers for now and cross your fingers for fast officials who don't take vacations to finish my dossier!

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