Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh blah dee, oh blah da...La La La La Life goes on...

Life is funny. Not always the gut splitting, laugh and snort Coke out of your nose sort of funny, but more the curious "things that make you go hmmmm" sort of funny. I (true to my home study) think I'm the kind of friend a friend would like to have. The person who shows up with flowers when you need them, an extra set of legs (and sometimes a minivan) to help move, the one who makes you smile the moment you pick up the phone just becuase you know I'll have something wacky to say, and the one who will do the dirty work of friendship even if I really don't want to... I just do - that damn golden rule thing. I've been down the hard road once of figuring out who my friends really are - the ones who got on a plane broke and showed up to cry to sleep with me - the ones who didn't abandon me becuase my life was too hard or they were too scared of saying the wrong thing or thought that I was somehow just too much responsibility. Big life change seem like the right time to update the list of who is always there for me when I need flowers, a mini van, a laugh or a smile... So thanks for being that friend to me and thanks for the drop in visits, the glasses of wine shared, the early morning calls when I'm in the tub and we talk till the waters cold, the shoulder for frustrations, the new friends & old, my sister and fav S.I.L., the friend who drives across town later than you should just becuase you know I could use a hug (and a gallon of ice cream lol) and here's to wishing the east coast and islands were reachable by clicking my heels together 3 times. Here's to the hopes, the dreams and the tears we've shared and here's to the ones ahead - hang in here with me... I'm gonna need some help!

Funny - OK not really funny but it's the sort of humor that an old friend can get away with because I'm laughing right along with her: In conversation relevent to a topic for another day, a bible quote (residual from years of Sunday school and bible camp?) came up: "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." Jo thought that this was hillarious in that I have cornered the market on this one... I think perhaps Coke may have come out her nose... but I think you had to be there because it doesn't have the same effect now does it Jo???

P.S. no real news on the Paper shuffle. I talked to Marie on Friday and she told me that my Dossier should be translated in about a week or so and then will be sent to Ottawa for legalization (she said ~2 more weeks) and then off to Perm... where the wait really begins. Oh yeah - one more thing - I met a nice Russian lady at the coffee shop down the hill who made me promise to bring the little guy in for a visit so she can officially welcome him to Canada. She asked a lot of questions and when I told her I wanted to adopt a toddler boy she got big tears in her eyes and thanked me for helping her countries children... I smell some free coffee which will be nice when I'm broke and on leave from work!!!

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eastcoastgirl said...

Okay seriously!!! I just logged on to see if you could actually spell, now you've gone and actually made me cry!!

Meeting the Russian lady was a sign...I'm sure of it!

Will I cry in the 2nd post too?

Love you,

PS. Wish I was 3 heel clicks away!