Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Officially Official!

I'm in... Perm that is. OK not physically, actually in Perm Russia but my documents are in and registered and ready to go. This happened a few weeks ago but I got official AB gov't notificatin that things are signed sealed and delivered. I guess that puts a date somewhere around early(ish) October for date registered. I fussed a bit with my agency about the time it was taking to translate my documents and send them off to be notarized, legalized, fanci-eyezed, and finally appostled and sent. Thank God I can say for sure that this is one of the things that the fees for this adoption go to pay for... keeping me in the dark as to the EXACT meaning of each of those words (except fanci-eyezed... I made that one up). I read so many PAP's stories of the hastle and heart ache that goes into getting all of those steps done on their own that I am so happy that is included in the fees for service. I did get my official copy of the dossier back a few weeks ago now and the letter from the Alberta government indicating that everything has been sent to my facilitator (who's named Maya I believe) in Perm and that my referral should be sent to them first to be forwarded on to me. Now, I need to talk to my agency and see what exactly that means - do they present me with my referral or does it come from somewhere else? What is the lag time in between when Maya identifies my boy to when I will review his file? More questions... but progressive exciting ones! I ordered his bedroom set a few weeks ago as well. I am looking forward to getting things sort of set up for him... but it feels strange because who knows when it will actually happen. Anyway, that's the good news for this post - which I thought I'd best lead with.

The bad sad news is that on Tuesday October 14th I had to put Chuck to sleep. I'll spare the sad details - if you know me, you know the story and how hard of a decision it was for me to send him home to Scott... but it was for the best. I miss him but do find it really easy to remember the great memories and smiles that we shared. I just hope his little shoulders don't hurt anymore and that he's been on a dozen mountain bike rides since he's been home. He gave me a gift in the last moments of his spotted brown life - Scott always gave me 3 kisses before he would leave for work, hockey, or pretty much anything... it was our thing. Chuck refused to give me a kiss for the 2 days before the end... and I did beg him - but no. As he layed wrapped in a blanket on my lap on the floor of the Vets office while I was saying my last good byes, he looked up at me and gave me 3 big fat licks on the face. Bye Bye bubby... I know you are happy - from one good home to another. Chuck June 15, 1995 - Oct 14, 2008. XOXO


M- said...

Congrats Stacey! Maya was my facilitator as well, I thought she was great.

Izabela and Shawn said...

That is fantastic news, glad things are finally moving along. Sorry to hear about Chuck, he looks like a very sweet dog.

terence and carala said...

OH Stacey, so sad about Chuck. :( I know one day soon you'll be have the hugest smile on your face and a picture of your boy in hand. It will be such an amazing day!!!

We should get together for coffee sometime. What works with you?