Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Six very small degrees...

They (whoever "they" are) say that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime (if you haven't read the poem google it... it's a good one) and I couldn't agree more. I think that I could identify many people in my life and categorize them into one of those three groups. When I meet someone new and they stick around for awhile, I begin to wonder if there is a reason for them coming along, and if they pass from my world just as quietly I recognize that they were here only for a season... there are those rare times when I meet someone new and right from the beginning I hope that they are a part of my world for a lifetime... Now I have this friend (I'll leave you un named for your own privacy but I want to capture this thought and this day for posterity down the road when we are old and reminiscing about today) who I met in professional circles a number of years ago (vague enough... too bad... you can't edit my blog) In fact, there were three of us who sort of became "the 3 amigos" as we learned new tricks of the trade and secrets to one anothers hearts. We talked of new loves, hopeful families, past lives, disappointments, heart break and hope. Years have passed since that day and I am still in touch with both of these wonderful women. Last spring, I sat across the table from one of them and she shared the news that her and her husband were in waiting to adopt twins from Ethiopia. I smiled and quietly listened to her excited story of waiting and wondering who would become their children. When she finished, I told her that I had news of my own and that I was in the early stages of preparing to adopt from Russia. We toasted and talked and laughed at the coincidence. Today, as I stood in the middle of an isle at Canadian Tire searching out Christmas deals on matching figure skates and helmets for my 6 year old nieces I got a text message that gave me goosebumps immediately followed by a huge smile. It said, "guess who just got off of the phone with an adoption agency :-)" It was the third member of the three amigos... If I could have I would have clicked my heels three times and hugged her myself but instead, I hit dial and we talked... as I hovered in the hockey section trying to look low key. There is so much story to unfold ahead of each of us but I feel so blessed to have such amazing, beautiful, strong and hopeful women in my world. I selfishly hope that this comes together for each of us this year and that we might celebrate the amazing gift that is born out of life's mis-steps, mistakes, and out of misgivings for the hand we are sometimes dealt together as new moms. To the latest passenger on this bus let me say this, You are an AMAZING woman who's eyes literally sparkle with life and laughter. You are that person that people NEED to know - the one with the infectious laugh and an angle on life reserved specifically for those who gracefully keep a stiff upper lip without limiting your ability to smile. I can't imagine a better mom out there. Your child will be a lucky little one without doubt. I know you will be an exceptional role model and a loving protector while instilling the value of humor, integrity and unconditional love into their little heart. Some people need words to tell the people in their lives what they mean to them... your eyes say it all... yours are truly the window to your soul. I hope that some day soon we are swapping stories of mom-dom and raising a glass together as we watch our children explore our brand new worlds. I couldn't ask for a better co-pilot on this journey... if you adopt a girl... I'll let my son date her because if she grows up to be half the woman that you are... he would be a lucky little man! You rock - you are one of the prettiest flowers I know! Wanna stick around for a lifetime?

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Iraida said...

That is so cool...My best friends are so happy and engaged in all of this, but nothing compares to sharing the experience with someone who is actually going through the same process. You are twice lucky. Congratulations! I'll pray for a speedy referral.