Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is looking up

September first for so many people out there is the return to school for their children and a return to a "normal" schedule. To me, it's always been the return of tall boots, Taber corn, fall soccer, tea in the cool evenings, amazing fall colors and the countdown to Halloween, my birthday and Christmas... Tonight I am looking forward more than ever to the changing of the leaves and the coming of Santa. It's not time for tall boots yet but I'm dreaming of Khabarovsk in the snow and hopefully meeting my little boy... all I want for Chistmas is YOU! All my documents are signed off on and notarized / apostled and headed for translation. I'm in the works. I know there is one family ahead of me in Khab waiting for a boy up to 2 1/2 and I really hope that things happen for us the way that our agency seems to think it will. Hanging in and hanging on - 11 months today since registration in Perm (which on the upside is 11 months closer than I've ever been to having a son).


Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

It should take a week or so to translate, then a week to get your docs out to the region. Then you wait. BUT it should not be very long. My BFF, Missi, who is also following your story, is asking about your coordinator, since we have not worked with her. You will find that if you end up in Khab in maybe, November or December, it will be magical. There are "snow celebrations" in the center square, near court, and there are ice statues, and lots of festivities through the winter. I have been looking at the database, trying to pick out a little boy!!! There are several out there. I had fun researching the hotels. I stayed at the Intourist, some stay at the Paris, some stay at this apartment style hotel called the Mar Kuel. There are others, but those are the main ones for adopting families.
The wheels are moving. Maybe you can press your agency to find out what baby homes they work in. AND if they work in Komsomolsk. Before you go on your first trip, I want to mail you some letters and photos. Who ever works with you might be willing to mail them for me. (I keep in touch with my Anna's main nanny from her orphanage) She also adopted, and loves to hear how her "children" are doing in their American/International homes!
I am sure you have already decided what international doctor you want to send your referral info to. But that is something you may want to go ahead and organize. (I can verify that the info you get will be the truth from the region)For me, I did not take a doctor with me. I knew that based on what the orphanage doctor told me, I could make a decision. It will be a gut decision no matter what. From the Yahoo group, you will see that most did NOT take a doctor to the baby home for an evaluation...Just an opinion!

Calico Sky said...

Stacy I just found your blog, I too am a Canadian single who is adopting! I'm looking heavily at Russia, just trying to now decide on an agency and make a final decision (am also looking at Pakistan and Vietnam - although don't think any Canadian agencies are taking new applications for Vietnam at the moment). Can I add you to my blogroll?