Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm packing my sunscreen

It's high time I used up some of the vacation I banked for travel in 2009 and headed to somewhere warm. Booked it. I leave Friday at 7am for Los Cabos. Sun, sand, surfing, slurring (OK maybe just a little), sleeping.... that oughta cover it. Checking out for a week of R n' R. Promise to return in a better mood :)
Ironically, the song "everybody's free to wear sunscreen" came up on my iPod today and it's a good one for me to keep in mind as I recharge and change my focus. It's on the play list here so if you haven't heard it before... un-mute the music - it's really worth listening to.

Adios, Ola, hasta luego or whatever they say in Mexico besides "Dos Cervezas Por Favor"

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Nancy said...

Have a great time!

Wish I could "check out" for a while as well, but (sigh!) I have used all my vacation for 2009.

And . . . we all know where it was used! However, I wouldn't change it in anyway . . . those 4 weeks with my baby girl are now precious memories! (although heartbreaking!).

Have an awesome time & come back refreshed!