Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wild Wild Roller Coaster Ride

Everybody get ready to board the roller coaster with me... Put your seat belts on, remove all loose objects from your pockets (except wallets and large unmarked bills - if they fall I'll have my people collect them on the ground :) and put your hands way up with your fingers crossed in the air.
What a change a week and a melt down can make. I'll skip the details in between where we clarified some details and get right to the juicy excerpt from an email from my SW this evening, " just received confirmation from our facilitator in Khabarovsk that we will continue to offer proposals, as she is confident we will be able to meet court requirements. Another Canadian agency works in Khab and is able to get through court, so I am confident we can do the same. So, we have decided not to withhold or delay any proposals from the region.
Good news for you...who I do expect may receive a proposal soon...stay tuned! Have a great night!"

Now I don't know what "soon" means exactly but my agency doesn't say "soon" unless they know something we don't and have reason to believe that there is a happy phone call in my foreseeable future. Wow... this could all become very very real very very soon. Wow. Fingers crossed for a happy, healthy cutie who wants nothing more than to come home to Canada with his mama (but he just doesn't know it yet). Will certainly be posting updates as they come - praying for everything to be wonderful!


Barb said...

Yea! My fingers are crossed for you!!

David & Jodi said...

I hope this is the news you have benn waiting for! I'll make sure to watch for more posts.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Great great news!!! We will be thinking of you and keeping our fingers crossed for a phone call very soon.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

You are soo right about your agency knowing something...They do, they are probably just waiting on the information to get to them.
Ohhhh how wonderful.

Kristine said...

Yeah! How wonderful!!!