Friday, December 18, 2009

Day lost to Courier error

It will all still be OK... It will all still be OK... If I say it over again it both gives me something to do and something to believe in.  I tracked my package all day today... Sparing the details, it ended up on the wrong courier truck and the consulate is only open until 12:30 on Fridays (and maybe every day).  There was no time to attempt delivery later after the error was found.  So my application got a scenic tour of Nepean, Ontario and will stay in a cold dark DHL warehouse until Monday morning.  I cried on the phone with the customer service agent and then spoke coherently to his manager explaining the urgency of this package and the magnitude of their error... while she offered her apologies and sympathies for the situation, there is nothing that can be done until it is delivered first thing Monday morning.  They will send an email noting their error and the resulting delay for me to pass on to the embassy via email but things are completely out of my hands.  I don't believe it takes long to process it... it just depends on where it lands in the pile of applications.  There is still a chance it could be done Monday and in the courier for delivery Tuesday... or if it sits in a pile for a day it could still be delivered on Wednesday in time for my flight later in the day.  There is still a chance... it could still happen... but there is also a chance it might not.  I am numb and strangely trying to be at peace with whatever is meant to be.  I know the courier manager... he feels personally responsible for this error... he hand delivered it for me to the depot... and then things went wrong.  If there is a way that they can fix it... I am sure he will find it.  For now, I continue to pray... and feel numb.  I am so nervous... and anxious... I don't know how I'll make it to Monday.  Here's to good news from the consulate and answered prayers.


Nancy said...

My prayers are being sent your way!


amy and kevin said...

Hello from Moscow!

I now realize there is absolutely nothing that is easy about this process... but you will somehow get over here soon and meet your son!!!!!

Lisa said...

Make sure you get your money back on that package!

I hope everything works out.

Iraida said...

Miracles happen!!! Praying it all work out.

dgporter said...

It's hurry up and wait...hurry up and frustrating, esp when you have your child to get to. We are waiting for word of a court date in Vlad. Your blog expresses so much of what adoptive parents go through. Thank you for being willing to open this experience to others. You will have your son in your arms VERY SOON.

Heather said...

Look forward to reading your ongoing journey!!