Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leaving on several jet planes

Good morning!  Yesterday morning was spent completing the last items on the trip one to do list.  The notary made a special trip in to the office (everyone is shutting down for Christmas here and, like everything in Russia, you can get things done if you know the right people. Fortunately for me, my facilitator and her mother have many excellent connections with the current operator (Director) and with the notary so it was no problem to get this done.)  Next, it was on to the 8 doctor medical. First stop - 2 doctors.  In and out in under 5 minutes... an advantage of going to get this stuff done on a day that everyone here is shopping for gifts or wrapping things up for the year - not going to the doctor.  Elyas mom (our driver) laughed out loud when we came out so quickly from the first stop.  Next, another clinic where I had to see the other 6 doctors.  Everything was smooth... one or two questions... take your shirt off... close your eyes, touch your nose with your finger, breast exam (worst part... yuk), and I did have to get blood drawn because a new rule came into effect that the syphilis test is only good for 30 days.  For those of you who are headed to / back to Khab, don't worry.  It was even more diligent than at home in terms of sanitation. She used about half a bottle of rubbing alcohol and I watched her take the new needle from the sterile package.  It didn't even hurt.  That was it for the check list.  I then checked into my hotel and exhaled... for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks I didn't need to do anything, rush anywhere or complete anything.  I felt a little out of sorts and am having a hard time shutting the motor off inside.  My heart still races pretty much all the time... just running on adrenaline.  We went to do a little shopping (bought a matroyoshka set and a few things) and then to dinner.  After dinner we took some pictures of the Gold church which is beautiful and brand new... I guess it's the third largest in Russia (trivia for you).  From there we went to the square and took some pictures / video of the Christmas tree and ice sculptures.  It was very beautiful but VERY cold.  Some men stopped me to ask me some question which I thought was "Are you Russian" to which I responded "no"... turns out they wanted to take a picture with us... and I said no... lol... anyway, I'm sure they are over it. 
Yesterday was ok in terms of missing my little boy.  I get that this is part of the way things happen... it has to be done.  It also helps that I know he hasn't grown 2 inches from yesterday and hasn't started doing long division so he is just as I remember him which won't always be the case.  It will be harder as the days pass imagining how much he has grown or what new things he is doing.  Today, the hard part is just wondering if he is confused and sad that I didn't come back.  I hate that things just keep happening to these little guys - things they don't ask for.  They didn't ask to have parents who couldn't / wouldn't take care of them, they didn't ask to be taken away, he didn't ask for me to come and make him laugh and bring him fun toys and teach him new things, he didn't ask for me to kiss him and love him and pray he would reciprocate... I just showed up... and then I left. That is the only thing that makes my eyes water right now.  Two weeks, a month, two months... four months... other things will sting, but that's what does it for me today. 
I have a job now.  My job is to do everything in my power to get the paperwork done so that I can come back as quickly as possible to bring him home forever.  There are new paperwork requirements by the Canadian government that will take more time.  So that means that I need to be fast and efficient in getting things done now.  I have a feeling it will be a challenging interaction with my homestudy agency in terms of having them do things differently than they might be used to but EXACTLY the way the need to be for Russia.  It is a good thing that I feel like I have an ally in the provincial government director of adoption who will advocate for me and has the authority to tell them to just do it. 
Anyway, those are bridges to be crossed when I get home - see what I mean about not being able to shut off??? Question for Heather and Michelle - did you have to sign papers indicating his new name or anything?  I have not been asked to do that and am a little concerned.  Anyway, Heather, we can talk about all of this on Friday - I am there for work Thurs/Fri and asked for a late flight home so will have time for dinner and debrief of our trips :)

See you guys soon and thanks for being my long distance cheerleaders while I've been gone.  I'll leave you with one last thing: one of the big things I worried about going alone was that there would be no one to take pictures / video... well I didn't need to worry. Elya loves taking pictures and I have probably 300 pictures and 100 videos of my visit.  There should be enough to get me through... hopefully :)



Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

You will be asked to fill out a paper for his new name, once you are home...ANd then you may have to redo it once you are back...
Get everyone on your adoption team to GET GOING on EVERYTHING they need for court..You want everything turned in ASAP..if you are quick you should be able to turn everything in just after the Christmas break. Then the judge will review everything, then give you a court date..YOU NEED TO HAVE EVERYTHING READY so that you don't have to make another trip to do a medical..The judge will not assign you a court date with an expired medical...So you need to get everything in super fast...
I love the photos!!!!!! Keep em coming!!

Heather said...

I concur with the last post Stacey. You will fill out a form from the agency once you are back. You will focus and get it all done quickly once you are back. Can't wait to see you next week!! Email me and please confirm if it is Thursday or Friday night we will get together. Either works for me.
Happy New Year!!!!!!

Marine Corps Family said...

Where did you go for the physicals? We have to have ours in the next month when we head to Russia and haven't decided where we want to go. How much did you pay for the physical and how long did the total physical take? My email is
Thanks so much!!