Friday, January 1, 2010

Monkeys run Aeroflot

Hi all - very quick from Moscow.  Aeroflot airlines sucks.  They have been late every time - delay after delay.  Their (Russians) time matters... not yours.  The flight leaving Khab was delayed by over an hour and then it took 1.5 hours to see bags come down to pick up.  I missed the connection to Amsterdam.  All flights were sold out... I had to pay a lot of money for a buisness class seat one way to Amsterdam so that I could take my original final leg home.  Thank God I paid for travel insurance... I wasn't scared this time in Moscow - things went fine.  Stayed at the same hotel in a much better room.  Got back here really early and paid for the flight and jumped through all the hoops the travel insurance company required to have things paid for.  All in all, I don't really care.  The parts that matter could not have gone better.  Control what you can and grit your teeth at the rest.  I am on the other side of the hard part for now.  My bags are checked all the way through to home so I can just change gates in Amsterdam in a few hours to get on the last flight home.  The end is near and the travel tides are turning.  Thanks for the advice on the paperwork - I plan on being super diligent in getting things done and I will have some help if I need it I'm sure.  Heather, it is the Friday I will have time for dinner (Thursday is a work function).  I hope this works out for you!

See you all soon - Dhas vee dhanya from Moscow one final time (NOTE: I will be traveling through Seoul next time and paying the courier to do the leg work in Moscow.  I have no intent on coming back here... unless forced.  I used to have this romantic idea of getting our picture taken in front of the symbolic St. Basils... now I think the Gold Church is way more beautiful and appropriate anyway.  CIAO Moscow!)


Heather said...

Yes - Friday dinner works! I can't wait.

amy and kevin said...

Happy New Year ~ the year we bring our children home!!! So happy your trip went so well (exluding travel).

Berv said...

Hey Woody! So glad that your trip was a huge success! I can hardly wait to see you! Safe travels, and we'll talk soon.
Hugs, Berv