Thursday, January 28, 2010

A view from his room

In an effort to avoid the work I should be doing I thought I'd post a quick photo of his room.  I started collecting things 2 years ago and his bedroom set gathered dust in my garage for over a year.  When I declined my first referral I felt like I had to do something positive and forward looking (field of dreams: build it and he will come... a month later, I "made the call").  In retrospect, there are some things that a single girl SHOULD do (like get pedicures, treat herself to a glass of wine now and then, see a good movie with a girlfriend and sleep in on Sundays) and there are things that a single girl should NOT do (like move 2 entire bedroom suites made of solid wood - one a Queen sized guest bedroom set and one a double sized set down 2 flights of stairs and up 2 with the other) but I digress.  The end result is a room that looks pretty good (but you can't see the hole in the drywall behind the far bedpost nor hear the cursing that flew from my foul little mouth as I tried to set bed rails on my own and watched as the headboard careened for the floor narrowly missing the beautiful mirror for the chest and knocking drywall dust flying).  It is non functional right now as the real mattress needs to be brought in and curtains hung and the chest of drawers heaved up (I do know my limits and this one calls for some strapping male friends and a complimentary case of beer) but is enough to give the little guy a visual on where he will sleep.  He seemed most impressed by the collection of stuffies and the rocking horse.  Anyway, back to that work thing and hoping for a decent nights sleep.  OH YEAH!!! How could I forget this!!!  My updated homestudy for dossier two will arrive on the appropriate desk no later than 10am tomorrow.  I am hoping that the modest upates won't require scrutiny and will be out to my agency early next week.  Everything is ready to get packaged up and head out for compilation and final send off to Ottawa.  Not bad.  4 weeks home tomorrow and everything is good to go :) 

It's been a good day :)


Silvana said...

Love the room!!! Can't wait to see a photo of your little guy in it!!

amy and kevin said...

LOVE the room, especially the rocking horse! Please post more pics :)

I am so sick of the paperwork I am losing my mind, but keep reminding myself it will all be worth it. It's a mantra now. So happy you are close to being done with dossier #2 as well! WE ARE SO CLOSE!