Thursday, February 18, 2010

A different kind of retail therapy...

At this point I've decided that I've maxed out on the maximum allowable retail therapy limits in terms of clothes, books, puzzles, stuffies, and "stuff" in general so today, I found myself in toddler territory jamming my shopping basket with 6 - 6 packs of apple sauce in various flavors (berry, blend, granny smith...) I figure I may as well over haul my pantry while I have time and stock up on some of the toddler essentials.  I hear little ones like apple sauce :)  and they were 2 for 1 lol. 
I chatted with a friend who is headed back to Khab just before me and we laughed at how neurotic we become with our counting off of potential days and weeks given all sorts of scenarios (but especially best case scenario of course).  I told my agency that I would follow up on Friday to see where my dossier is at in the legalization phase of things.  With a little luck it will be back in Victoria late next week and then on to Khab for assessment and assignment of court dates (pre trial / trial).  I play the "if it" game over and over... "if it"gets back to my agency by late next week then it could be in Khab middle of the following week... then it could... I can kill whole hours at a time looking at the days and weeks and wondering.  Perhaps I should focus on the task at hand which is getting work wrapped up and things sorted... but obsessing over the numbers somehow seems more productive??? 
Speaking of productive, I better go pack.  Headed to Toronto tomorrow for a couple days... another welcome distraction.  With that, it will be another week down. 

One last thing - I noticed my counter is getting awful close to 10,000 visits... I hope that it's been entertaining, maybe a bit educational, and interesting to those who regularly pop by.  So many of you I'll never meet in person but you have been great cyber friends, supporters, cheer leaders and shoulders to melt down on. The cyber adoption community is a great place to have to wait.  I could never have done this without so many of you who read, comment and email me.  Thanks for not letting the single girl go through this alone :)
Much gratitude to all of you from me. 
P.S. if you are the 10,000 visitor and you notice, post a comment - I'd like to know who you are!


Barb said...

I'm 9973 . . . maybe I should click 7 more times ;->

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

10113...Dang it! I missed the mark!!
I am your cheerleader!! and still haven't mailed your little package yet! I will work on it this weekend!
I have a present for you and something for a friend in Khab!!
I used to have a calendar and I will stare at that sucker every free moment I had!! I can play the
"IFIT" game like a pro!
I was not expecting to find out anything on the days I found things out, but still!
My favorite thing to do while I waited for baby number 1 was put my dog in my snuggly and walk around with her in it..She and my gal weighed the same. She loved being so tall!!

optimistikchick said...

I love your blog. I am a single mom waiting for a referral for my son in Vladivostok Russia. I adopted my first son in 2006 from Russia. Boys are great to their moms! Your life will change like you cannot imagine. I cannot rememeber my life before my son arrived. Good luck!

Lanita Moss said...

Women who deliver their children worry about best case scenarios and due dates all the time. We just think in court dates and passport stamps instead of stretch marks.