Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More great days for Khab families!

Today is another one for the list.  I beamed as I bid farewell to my Puro pack filled with my court documents.  I contentedly headed south for a couple days of work around my hometown.  When I stopped in at Starbucks (my office on the road given that it has wireless :) I got a few emails that made me want to do the Elaine dance again in public... but I toned it down and danced on the inside (Lethbridge isn't ready for that!).  Turns out that there are a whack of people headed to Khab at the same time: 2 that I know for court dates ( a shout out to the first family with my agency who is headed to pick up their son and to my coworker Kim who turns out to be adopting from Khab with a court date the same time as Michele!)  This was a wonderful coincidence. BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE!  The grapevine also said that another family from my agency actually received a referral for their daughter and will be traveling on trip one at the same time!!! This is wonderful as there was an anticipated delay in referrals from the region due to a change in directors.  I'm so happy for this family as they had hoped to travel before Christmas too.... well now they are on their way! Momentum is surely on our side!!!  BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE!  In the final email I opened, I found out that not only had my home study been FedExed off from the director in Edmonton but also the one last document that we anticipated might take a little time and some sweet talking to get is included in the package.  Turns out I don't have to coerce/hypnotize/beg the government minister here in town after all.  Me thinks my flower delivery went a long long way to building favor... when it's done, there will be more flowers :)

So, tonight, I'm content.  The doctors tonight will be treated to an extra special celebratory meal (with a side order of childhood asthma education) and perhaps my mom and I will toast the next step when I'm back to the house.  Remember WAAAAYYYY back to September when I was here and we had fortune cookies?  Well, I shared with the group then what I was waiting for and tonight, I'll celebrate that the fortune cookie was right... 3 months later I was boarding a plane to meet my son... 

I am HOPING to have my documents in front of the Judge March 1st and then court date to follow.  Hmmm... I have some time right now... maybe I'll dance.
Keep the good days coming (but for now, I'm going to relish THIS one and celebrate the good fortune of my agency friends...).

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Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

If they are on their way, then I bet the docs will be in front of the judge by the end of February. I must say, you are doing great in your wait..(I was terrible. I bitched and moaned after 3 weeks home)
I am still planning to send you a Christmas card and a little treat. I just have to get myself together to do IT!!
We'll chat soon!