Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not time to panic... yet...

Everything that I could manage has been handled and is on it's way to final processing and send off to Khab... we're just waiting on one document.  The DMP (Designated Medical Professional that is approved by the Canadian Government) did not visit baby G until the 26th of January... almost 4 weeks after I had returned home.  He was to have been there when I was but opted not to go as it was so close to Christmas.  After I was home I got busy paper chasing of my own and it didn't occur to me to check in and see when the DMP had made the trip until closer to the end of January... he hadn't gone yet... so with a little rattling he did.  Everything was to be sent off to London (Lord only knows why London... we haven't been under their rule for a long time!) for approval and then back to Moscow to the Consulate and then on to Khab to become part of my dossier... well it's still not back... and today, I was told that they are now checking with the DMP to see what he did with it... I am trying to stay calm and not think the worst but if this is still sitting in a file or on his desk... I have lost a month and there is nothing I can do about it.  I will come unglued if this has happened and nobody bothered to check and make sure.  I hate being out of sight out of mind - I feel like the things that get done quickly and done completely are the things that I have done myself.  So, there isn't anything I can do except wait for news... I pray that this DMP knows that someone else needs it and in a hurry... I can't wait an extra entire month... plus my in country medicals will expire and cause a world of hurt... Too soon for panic... not too soon for worry though. 


amy and kevin said...

I have no idea what we'll do when we don't have to worry about all this *crap* in order to get our kids home! What is wrong with people?! Don't they know our babies need us NOW and we need them NOW? I swear we will be so zen when this process is over. I have aged at least 10 years over the last 2 years :)

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

email me his name. I will call him.
Or get a friend in Khabarovsk to call him...hee hee!
Really, get your coordinator ON THIS!!
Expired medicals are huge. The judge won't schedule you until it is current, and you don't want to make a medical trip!!!
Email your agency and let them know that you will be calling them each Friday to find out if the doctor has submitted his documents.
And also let them know you know that the coordinator might need to make a trip to his office to make sure it has been completed!! Stay on top of it girl
Keep Rattling the Cage!!
Best to you! Stay calm....