Saturday, February 20, 2010

One more week 'till shipment to Russia!

Quickie for tonight: Last week my documents went off to Ottawa for legalizatin to DFAIT.  In a short work week I thought "best case scenario" they would be at the consulate by today... I've learned after 2 years in process that "best case scenario" rarely happens - but today was a red letter day and it's at the consulate!!!  They think my court dossier will be back from Ottawa by Tuesday or Wednesday, get legalized AGAIN???  (seriously... this document has been legalized every which way 'till Sunday!!! TWICE!) and then sent off to Khab!  They said it should be there first week in March.  From there, it's 2 - 3 weeks until pre trial and another 2 after that for my court date.  Suffice to say, it's getting close and the heat is starting to get cranked up on the "stuff" I need to get done.  In the end, I don't care if it gets done really... I just want to click my heels together and magically be in Selihino.  With a little luck, I might just be there for some overlap with Heather or Dawn... how nice that would be!  Anyway - that's the quickie for tonight.  Hoping the medical letter from London has arrived where it needs to be - will check on that now - fingers crossed!

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amy and kevin said...

So happy your paperwork is moving! It's fun to have the same basic timeline as you; we are the queens of patience, right?! :) I'm starting to freak out that there are just a few more weeks until we leave for Russia, but there is so much to do. Getting ready and hardly ever sleeping (from stress, too much to do every day, etc.) is preparing me for no sleep when cupcake comes home!