Tuesday, February 2, 2010


GOT IT GOT IT GOT IT!!!  I cheered a little cheer and did an "Elaine Benis dance" (See below for an explanation of the dance and the title above or just need a laugh!) at the mailbox today (and then quickly looked around to see if anyone saw my moves... since there was no one, I threw in an extra leg kick and arm pump for good measure and would been OK if someone cheered from the window)  I called my agency to let them know things are on their way.  They will be en route at the same time is my approved home study from my provincial director so everything is lining up just so :)  I'm doing the Elaine dance again in my living room right now (with a glass of wine to commemorate the moment!)  So good so so so good! For so much of this process any progress that is (or more often isn't) made is so far out of your hands it feels great to exert some sort of impact. There is one more letter that is a thorn in the directors side and given the heightened work load with the Hatian Children coming home hasn't arrived as quick as my agency would like.  I offered to take up the slack and have it signed off by the governmental delegate that lives in my city and when the assistant off the cuff said, "that might not be quick to get either... then she paused and said - scratch that... I am pretty sure if someone... if ANYONE could get it in a hurry, it would be you."  Amen to that.  I've never been called passive... "In life there are passengers and there are drivers" no one wonders what I am...  I have not been good at waiting but I've been good at weighing my options, doing the things that make sense, being diligent, following momentum, asking the right questions, demanding answers, researching ideas / intuition, finding people with experience who have gone before me trusting their experience and advice and creating a community of people I look to for support, inspiration, insight and the inside track.  I'm not afraid of being unconventional and have been rewarded with connections and partnerships that are not available to everyone... but I asked and dared and now have a level of comfort I otherwise would have gone without.  Thanks to those partners on this journey with me... like I said in a comment on someone elses blog, "Flight to Khabarovsk $XXXX, train ride to Komsomolsk $XXX, Hotel for the time I'm in Russia $XXXX, meeting my son for the last first time PRICELESS.  This ride is long, the road is bumpy and expensive... for everything else, there's MasterCard.
So, that's about it... for a moment, there will be silence.  No more papers to chase, no more I's to dot or T's to cross (I am going on strike once this adoption is done from the formality and jumping through hoops of it all).  Fingers crossed that this might go quickly and that there aren't weird objections thrown at the way things are signed.  C'mon court date!!!  Wanna dance???

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