Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today Valentines... Tomorrow Family Day

Since nothing here is "top secret" and there are no pictures of the little guy posted I've taken the privacy setting down but will put it back up when I return for court.  Nothing will really change - those of you who visited before will just have to log in again later that's all.  To others who emailed, welcome back! 

Valentines day for a single girl is never a highlighted occasion.  Today is not really any different.  My funny Valentine (aka my dog Lyric) did cuddle up with me on the couch which is a rare occurance but other than that, today has passed without event.  I did sit down and indulge myself with a good showing of videos from the first trip but that's as close to real kisses as I'll get I'm afraid!  For a double whammy, tomorrow is "family day" here in Alberta.  It's a long weekend which is nice... maybe I'll get some more painting done???  So, to all the other PAP's out there waiting for the call or court or for news of some sort that makes you happy, I hope Cupid saves just a little of his magic so that we can all fall in love with 10 little fingers and toes this year!  On the adoption front, all of my documents are in Ottawa being legalized by a couple different offices and I'm hoping that they will be back in Russia early March.  From there, it's usually 2 -3 weeks to set pre trial and then the trial date is usually 2 weeks after that.  So, fingers crossed for an early(ish) April return for court. 


Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

You will love Valentine's Day when your little guy is home. Lot's of handmade love!!
Is it possible that your documents can get there any earlier? Seems like an awfully long time. I was hoping you would be in court by mid March!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Stacey said...

LOL... trust me Jules... if they could get there faster I'd be on it for sure. I'm actually a couple of weeks ahead of the curve if I'm back mid April (if the 4 months between trips holds true for Khab families then timing says I should be there early May... I'm hoping mid April (if the judge doesn't want more documents - cross your fingers and say a prayer or 20) I got home Jan 1st and things moved pretty quick in pulling together what I needed to so there is a chance I could be back by then... but the best I will do with documents to the judge will be early March... then she does what she does to assign pre trial / trial dates. never say never but... realistically... mid April. Valentines hugs for yoru and your girlz!

Barb said...

So glad you are back out in the open! I was very happy to see an update show up in my list . . I've just spent the last 30 minutes back-reading all the posts I missed . . . So happy for you! Your little guy sounds so adorable! Hope everything goes smoothly with the paperwork and you can get back there for court really soon. Any way I can get on your access list for when you go private next time?