Saturday, February 27, 2010

The weeks go fast... time moves slow

Time goes so fast and so slow all at the same time - today it's 2 months from the moment I first saw him led into the visiting room by his hand resisting every step and cautiously I think we both fell in love (I guess I'll have to wait to hear his side of the story but - indications were good :) .  I've scrached off many things on my to do list but I think they are breeding and multiplying as I go... the list keeps getting longer.  Last weekend I bought pull ups and a potty, this week I refrained from buying more cute clothes (no matter how great of a sale they were on), and yesterday I completed the last of the paperwork I need to have done... so why is the list now an entire page long?   I guess it's a good thing that my to do list is growing - I may have another 2 months of time to fill.  I'm looking forward to my adoption shower and celebrating with my girlfriends. We decided to do my shower on a Saturday so that we can do all the "stuff" you can't do at a "regular" baby shower (you know - the kind where mama is preggers).  There might be sushi, there will be great unpasturized cheese and wine and chocolate and likely some vodka toasts just to be apropos.  In addition to someone being in charge of bringing a vegitable tray, someone better also be assigned to clean up duty since it's at my house!  Other than party planning, what else is keeping me busy?  Hockey, soccer, work... the dog... that's it.  My manager at work is starting to interview for my replacement - it's going to be weird to be gone (fantastic but weird... I'm sure I'll get over it).  I've also tackled some items that have been hanging over my head on the to do list like patching and painting, re-hanging my curtain rod in my bedroom, fixing the shower door, cleaning out my closet and bathroom cupboards - now onto the pantry, basement and garage... Yuck what a way to spend a weekend. With that said, here's a nice story about someone who went out of their way to make my day:  My painter guy came over to finish up some stuff that is a bit outside of my comfort / skill level and brought over paint to match my boys room as it needed a new coat.  I told him I'd do it myself in an effort to save a little cash on the way - it's officially past time to be careful.  I was out when he came to do the job and while he was here he said he had some time to kill so he painted rug rats entire room... He said that is is his gift to us and that he's happy that this little boy will have a family. More proof that Adoption is good for the world.  It makes people all warm and fuzzy inside and they do nice things for one another because it just feels good.  Thanks to Marty my painter... and perhaps I'll put doing something nice for a stranger onto my list for today too.
My dossier will be legalized on Monday and headed for Russia later that day (takes 4 days by courier) so it should be in Khab by the 5th and then on to translation for submission to the judge.  The time lines seem small and manageable when I plot them out but when the math is done on the individual days... it will still likely be 5 weeks + before I'm back for court.  That stinks...
Nothing to do other than those pesky multiplying things on my to do list which at this moment are multiplying like rabbits so I better make hay.

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alicia said...

mere weeks.. the day is getting closer!!!