Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WHEW!!! It was NOT time to panic!!!

I do love a good cliff hanger but SERIOUSLY!!!  I got a call this morning to update me on the whereabouts of the medical release... good news, not only had it been sent by the DMP it had made it's way back to Moscow and into my agencies hands this morning.  WHEW!!!  I had a moment of brilliance when I thought that I could take it with me tonight and have a lawyer that I play hockey with legalize it on the bench between periods (kidding... sort of) but it turns out she is in Vancouver at the Olympics.  Since I am headed to Lethbridge again after my game ends at midnight, I could wait until Friday to get my buddy to sign off on it here in town or... since I hate wasting time and I have a big rolodex of people who might some day be important to know, I think I'll stop in and see my old friend "Herb" in Lethbridge (a girl I grew up with - her dad is a lawyer) and get him to sign off on it and fax it to my agency whereby saving 2 days.  Good Lord... what am I going to do with all my time once this is over?  I mean I won't have fires to put out, mysteries to solve, people/emails/legalization/forms to chase down... oh yeah right... I'll actually FINALLY be raising my son!!!  Like Amy said, I am pretty sure that this process has aged me 10 years in 2... add that to the earlier life stresses that I've had and I should be collecting pension by now!!! 
In addition to that, I asked my SW about the documents that the Judge asked for from the family ahead of me (she reviewed their court dossier and asked for 2 more documents).  One is something to do with the SW who does your home study having people way up the food chain at the licensing board for SW sign something that says they are approved to do home studies... so they are going to get that for me proactively and hopefully be ready with it should she ask for it for my documents.  Just trying to save time and learn from those ahead as we go.  So, with that, it's been a busy day! 
I will now return to watching the Canada vs Russia hockey game where we are currently beating the Ruskies 4-1  nope now 5-1 nope now 6 -1 (OK I'll spot them 6-2 they just scored).  Do you think it would be frowned upon if I said I am wearing my team Canada jersey and cheer like a mad woman every time we score???  If so, I'll do it quietly NOT!  This is OUR game!

I gotta feeling... that tonight's gonna be a good night for a very special family to me.  They are people who have walked beside me and cheered at the good parts and consoled me during the hard parts all while walking their own difficult mile.  Good things are happening for them and I think that they are UNSTOPPABLE like my new updated song. This one is for you (unnamed family who knows EXACTLY who you are :)  I can't wait until your dream is within your reach and you breath that huge sigh of relief and take the first big breath on your way to the document scramble and your wee one you've been dreaming of for so long!!! Here's to not being anonymous for long!!!  And cuz I know you are watching the game too... here's one for you guys! 


Barb said...

Congrats on the med form being where it was supposed to be!

Go Canada Go!

(I might have to steal that video too;->)

Iraida said...

Hmmmm!!! I wonder which team jersey will you wear when your little one gets home ;)
Congratulations on your document making it safe to Russia.LOL