Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why do we wait?

I still can't figure out why we wait in life to do the stuff that would make our homes / lives more enjoyable until the 11th hour???  Well, it's officially like 10:30 on the 11th hour clock and I am finally (after living in my house for going on 4 years) patching and painting, cleaning out the basement, and thinning all the crud that you seem to collect just by virtue of having more space than you really need.  It's sort of embarassing when I look at my wall of shoes or exploding closet of clothes but I guess retail therapy has filled many empty years... and who am I kidding -  A single girl has to put her best shoe forward on a regular basis : )  This weekend I hung wall art that's been sitting on the floor for months which turned into more of a project than I really wanted.  I measured and laser leveled and placed the nails just so on the wall and stood back to admire my handy work to be awakened to the fact that now the wall needed to be washed.  It's a "leather brown" color and who can really say what it was washed with last but I can say that it left this weird, chalky, waxy residue that took an inordinate amount of time and elbow grease to remove to my satisfaction... but it's done.  Check in the box.  I also hung the curtains and vallance in "rug rats" room (my co-worker has opted to call him Bocephus which I think is funny).  It is absolutely amazing how different the room looks now with those hung.  I am so happy with how everything looks.  I do find it amusing though that for probably 6 months I have had no curtains in MY room as the curtain rod wasn't anchored properly to a stud and it ripped out of the wall.  Rather than actually fixing it I simply placed the curtain rod onto my 4 poster bed rail and voila!  No need to DIM - (do it myself lol).  In my defense, I did call the painter but he forgot about me... so I left it.  He's coming next week finally.  Outside of that, I bought paint to do touch ups, taped off trim so that I'm ready to go, filled dints and scrapes... Looks like I'll be painting up a storm soon.  So, all this rambling is to say that for once, I haven't been lugging around the plastic file folder full of documents everywhere I go and I have returned to managing my house and my life. 

Another week down... in the vein of dream big, I'm hoping that my documents are back from Ottawa and on to Khab by very early March.  If there is nothing to object to in my dossier, a court pretrial date can be set and then court will be about 2 weeks after that.  Who knows, there is a chance that I could be back there by early April.  I hope for that, and plan just that I will be with him for his birthday... but I'd be lying if I didn't say there is a HUGE piece of me that is dreaming of him being here at home for that day.  Last note: My sister called today to tell me that she found a new picture and letter on her fridge drawn by one of my twin nieces.  It says, "Dear Stasee (no formalities, she skipped the Auntie part lol), I hope yure litle boy is home sune.  Love Sonia, Olivia and Tianna"  Me too kiddos... me too :)

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