Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Court dress... check.

Since there is very little left to get prepared for my departure, I decided to focus on what I would wear for court.  It's true, I could select from any number of perfectly appropriate suits or skirt suits in my closet or any number of the plethora of dresses but I wanted something special that will always be part of my memory from "THAT" day.  It occured to me that as a girl, we get dresses.  I got a dress for baptism, I got a new dress every Easter, I got a dress for graduation, and I got a beautiful gown for my wedding.  As girls, we celebrate monumenal occasions with a dress.  Today, I set out to find the right dress.  I wanted it to be formal enough and serious enough but comfortable, packable (read I hate to iron pretty much anything).  I wanted it to have at least a splash of color.  I found it and it's perfect.  Black and white with a cute flower ish print and a red belt.  Goes perfect with a black suit jacket and red shoes.  So now I'm set.  Ready for the pre trial date... c'mon court date. 
Not that I should speculate (I wish my speculating bone would die!!!) but I was likely the very last family in Khab this year.  After that, things were closed for 10 days for Christmas.  After that, a new director of the MOE took over meaning there were no referrals for a period of time (like a couple months)... SOOOO... since we took a little extra time to get things figured out, there is a reasonable chance that the judges schedule is looking pretty sparse these days and I could be back a little quicker than I think.  For now, I'll expect a little longer but hope for quick news. 
Mama wants to wear her new dress... Sorry fellas, a whole post on a dress and shoes???  I must be feeling better :)


Deb Woodcock said...

Like a wise woman noted today, Dorothy clicked the heels of her red shoed to return home (with Toto) - I'm all for the red shoes!!

Barb said...

Helloooo . . . . where's a picture of the dress?? C'mon, don't keep us in suspense!