Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exhaling... Documents will make the deadline

This post is all good news.  My travel visa has arrived well ahead of being needed so I won't have to hug the FedEx guy (girl as it was last time lol) on my way out the door with my bags this time, my two sets of documents have been compiled and processed in Ottawa and now safely delivered to Vancouver to be hand carried over by Heather.  The judge should have them on her desk by no later than Wednesday.  From there it's time for pre trial and trial. 
I'll save details on the prior week... it gives me shivers to think of what they needed and the exhaustive ends that had to be gone to in order to get things done.  Suffice to say that I have plenty of angels in my world. For now, eye on the prize... eye on the prize. 
Final note: Through all of last week, there were Ravens.  Middle of downtown - traffic everywhere, noise, people... After a stop at the lawyers office, I got to my car which was parked under a tree and  I happened to look up.  There, quietly looking at me from the branches was my friend the black bird.  I snapped a picture on my cel phone and drove on to the next stop.  At the end of that day, I scrambled to FedEx and when I turned out from the drive, there was another one sitting quietly on the fence post directly in front of me.  A day or two later I arrived home after another mad scramble and re-do, I drove to a look out point near my house to try and find a moment to breathe. There, playing on the wind tunnels over the ski jumps, were 2 Ravens who stayed and entertained me for 10 minutes before flying off into the horizon.  This morning, as I sit on my couch looking out the back window and typing this post, 3 Black Birds flew through my yard and chased one another over the houses out back.  And I smiled.


terence and carala said...

Just like the ravens...God has been with you through this journey. And, He will continue to be with you as you start your life with Corbin. I am so happy that that day is coming very very soon. I love hearing of each step that comes to pass. It is alll good. :-) Soon you will be jumping on a plane alone...but coming home with a little man by your side. I can not wait to see that! :-)

hang in are almost there!

Barb said...

Yes . . . loved the "breathe easy" header for the post - how true. Now you just have to sit back and wait (much easier said than done, of course). So happy for you that you are finally over that hurdle!

Silvana said...

Stacey there are always signs everywhere to keep you on course. The ravens were your sign. I remember while I was waiting I went on a holiday in New York City to clear my head and try to relax (hard to do) and I was walking to catch the ferry I looked over and saw a lady selling things on a table. When I got closer I started to laugh because it was a table covered in Russian nesting dolls. Not typical cheesy souveniers but nesting dolls. I knew that was my sign.