Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hatin' the wait

Today is April 22... tomorrow it will be 4 months since I left to meet my son.  Updated documents have been with the judge for over a week now and still no news.  I was told that maybe I'd hear by the end of last week (came and went) then that I'd hear early this week (came and went) now... I just hope for news.  The estimate from the facilitator that pre trial could be April 30th is looking like a fantasy - I just would like some reality - some real news - I want a date. 
It's getting embarassing going into clinics that have bid me good luck and farewell... repeatedly... month after month... yet here I still am.  It's getting harder to grin and bear it and keep hoping for news.  I just want to get on with it.  The "what if" of not being there with him for his birthday are starting to creep in as a potential reality.  Add in a little PMS and it's good times at Chez Stacey.  Popcorn is a decent meal right???


Lanita @ A Mother's Hood said...

It is in our house. And add a few Milk Duds and you are gourmet cooking!

GuinnessandKillian said...

I'm with you. The youngest of "our girls" has a birthday in June and I'm getting to the point of being close to being worried that it won't be done by then. PLEASE, for all of us! Thinking of you and hoping you get great news, soon!