Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The smallest things can feel so good in your hands

Yesterday I bought candles for Corbins' birthday cake.  One that has the number 3, some funky, cool, multicolored ones and some sparlkers too.  From there, I went to buy him a pass for the amusement park by my house.  I held off for so long because I was afraid that it would just hurt to have bought it and him not be here to use it (frugal I guess?).  For the very first time, his name is written (albeit in black marker in hand writing) on a card.  I stood there looking at it on the counter while the young boy finished up registering the cards and my eyes were stinging with happy tears.  The boy asked how old Corbin is, and I said he turns 3 very soon.  He smiled and said he'll have fun at the park... and I replied... you have no idea... you have no idea.

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