Saturday, May 29, 2010

Am I the only one who thinks it's strange?

That it is snowing at home in Calgary and it's +26 degrees celcius here in Russia??? I didn't think so.  Today is "City Day" in Khabarovsk.  There was a parade, singing, dancing, celebration and shopping :)  I have seen so many pretty jackets that I had that on my to do list... today, the Canadian, non Russian speaking girl shopped alone SUCCESSFULLY.  People try very hard to speak to me when they can and especially one lady who helped me with my first purchase was so cute trying to talk and tell me it looks beautiful on me.  Love it... or should I say them :)  Again, I walked forever.  I'd say about 3 1/2 hours easily.  My feet hurt something terrible (I didn't wear my runners today and will pay tomorrow!). 
Anna teaches English to many students and regularly (annually) takes a group of her students on English language trips to foreign places.  This year she is headed for California with 10 children.  It has been fun for me and the students as I have been invited to sit in and just have conversation with the older kids and thismorning, I played games with 2 younger boys.  They thought it was a great lesson since I promised if they worked hard I would give them icecream at the end... it was 10 am lol.  Anna amazes me with her kindness for the kids and for me.  We sat up talking until after midnight last night about life, friends, travel, and anything else that came up.  Today after walking for what seemed an eternity, I arrived home to find a very nice lunch cooked and waiting for me.  I was starving and she is an excellent cook.  I can't imagine how different this trip would be if I were staying at the hotel alone, bored, stranded and without the courage that she gave me with my crash course in Khab geography.  Tomorrow Ole arrives and things will just continue to get better and more interesting. 
I received news this morning from my friend Melody and her husband and big congratulations are in order as they have arrived safely in Abudabi (I think?) Ethiopia to meet and bring home their son!  I am thrilled the we will share our leaves together and experience being moms to adopted kids all at the same time.  Life isn't always fair, but it is good and in times like these I am thankful to have wonderful people like Mel to share this with!  See you soon Mel, Dwayne and Mushi!
And, finally one last thing.  I have turned the internet off so many times and thought - ug... forgot again.  I wanted to mention a friend of mine who could use some good thoughts and prayers in her journey.  She's been delayed in her court date 2x now in getting back to Russia to bring home her son.  The details aren't as important as the fact that I'm thinking of her often and know she could use a cyber cheer to get her to her goal.  Adoption is tough... even when it's easy (not that I can speak to that particularly) but waiting is hard... waiting when you have been delayed... insufferable.  She's a strong woman with a lot of people cheering for her and I just want her to know me and my people are cheering for her too.  Here's to you :)
Now that I am chair bound while my feet throb, I will return some emails!

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