Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Blast!

Yesterday I was happy he remembered me... today, there were so many amazing things - too many to count!  I brought Russian leggo for him and he quickly mastered the task of "all yellow" or "all green" - we built 4 houses - one in each color and he loved it!  He did the next puzzle (some sort of Russian cartoon character that Elya said the kids are crazy for) it was harder for him and the language barrier didn't help.  We played cars on the floor, did the other puzzles I brought from the first trip - they are a snap now for him.  We stayed there all day much to the chagrin of Elya.  She pouted the entire day and acted like a spoiled brat.  She never left the baby home save for about 20 minutes at lunch.  I went for an hour long walk around Selihino... not much to say other than I need to get my boy out of there (but the sights, sounds and scenery is a blog note that will have to wait) this one is all skittles and rainbows.  I stayed outside in the sun (I even got a little color today) and after the kids were up from their nap, Corbin came to the window and waved to me outside... it broke my heart but there is baby home proticol to attend to and there were lessons or things to be done inside.  I'm pretty sure Corbin was distracted at best and finally, one of the Baba's came outside and said that "Grisha" could "egrat na-ou-litsa" (outside).  It was a little hard to avoid the heavy stares of the 4 or 5 children that stood in the window and watched as "Grisha" got to play with his Mama.  The greatest gift I got today was Corbin YELLING at the top of his lungs "MAMA" when I walked back to the picnic table to get the camera.  Over and over today he would call for me, "MAMA" and I got so many spontanious kisses - it was perfect.  I watched him share his bubbles with the other children - giving them each a turn to try to master the bubble blowing. My heart melted.  One of the things we adoptive parents are hopeful of yet don't really want to figure out is, will my child come to me for comfort when they are hurt?  I found that out today too.  Corbin was running with 2 of the children towards one of the climbing thingies (I'd like to say structure but that is a little advanced for Russia)  and as he reached it, he tripped and fell face first into the base of the metal rungs.  He hit it pretty hard and burst into tears.  I was on the ground (I was sitting up a few rungs on the thingie) immediately and he reached for me and cried into my shoulder.  Again, not something we look forward to but I was relieved to know I am his person.  We spent probably 45 minutes riding around on the tricycle.  The day closed with him crying hysterically when we said I had to go.  He ran for the gate to come too... and leaving was hard... but he knows I'll be back tomorrow.  They will have cookies tonight and some corn puff things I left... but there will be no mention other than my own to him that it is his birthday.  There will be Cake at Anna's back in Khab after court and likely again with the twins and some new little friends at home. Elya did manage to see the end of the day on her way to the car and she said to me on the way home that the Director will have a hard time delaying custody because when a child reacts like that to "Mama" leaving they become difficult to manage and it is better for the child to allow them to go quickly - it is too stressful for everyone but most of all the child- so I'm hoping that Irina will say this in court to the judge.  Turns out it will be her NOT the social worker after all which is in my favor.  Better run - internet is at a premium and my sand is running out on this card.

More again maybe tomorrow!
I am so very happy... thanks for your emails and notes! I'm feeling more like a Mama every second :)


J.J Barnes said...

Stacey, I am so happy that everything is going so well. It will not be long before you never have to leave Corbin at the end on the day again. I can only imagine how hard it was for you to leave.
Olivia Said " I feel like Corbin is home already, and me, Sonia and mom (yes I corrected her Grammar :})will make a cake for him when he comes home, one with a car on it, and we will sing happy birthday to him, maybe even in Russian."
Sonia said “I wish that you and Corbin were home 79 wks ago. I miss you lots and lots and lots. I want Corbin to have a safe ride home on the airplane. And I will take good care of Lyric until you get here."
We are all so happy that you are there to be Corbin's Mama, we miss you lots and can't wait to have you botht home!
xoxoxo Jerri, Sonia, Olivia.

HilaryS said...

So glad to hear that it is going so well. Now it is just a matter of crossing those days off the calendar. Each "x" brings you closer to bringing him home forever. He will most likely have a huge English vocab before you even get home.


jo said...

What an amazing day Stac! And yes, all that you could hope for and much, much more!!

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Told ya.

*Are you staying at the Voschod that is across the street from the blue church?
if not, are you staying on the corner across from a bus stop?

Are there babies there? Ask if many are available for adoption???? You know I will be back in a newyorkminute if I find out there are waiting babies out there!!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!!
Love Love, squeeze squeeze that baby boy of yours!!!

Shelly and Steve said...

Stacey, you just totally warmed my heart and I have tears of joy in my eyes. You and Corbin will have an amazing life together!!! I can't help but long for the same for our reunion with our little miss.....sigh. I will continue to hope all will go smoothly, I really think it will!!

Barb said...

So happy to hear that things are going so well!

Court will be upon you so soon and then you 2 will be together for always!

nicole said...

my friend im thrilled for you what a heart warming feeling for you to have your son call for you like that..i see good things in the future may court go well and you come home asap..big huggs from canada

Tracey and Chuck said...

So excited to hear how well things are is all around between you and Corbin!! Keeping my fingers crossed that they realize it is too stressful for him and you are able to have him with you sooner than you had thought!!! It is so hard to leave at the end of the day but just keep remembering as someone else said, keep marking the "x's" and soon there will not be anymore to mark and you will never leave your little boy again!!! Can't wait to see pictures - he sounds like a absolute doll!!! Enjoy!

amy and kevin said...

I am so excited to read your posts... sounds like everything is just falling into place. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Corbin!!!