Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Court - 10 days wait

So, Irina (the director) was back today from her vacation.  Elya spoke to her about having temporary custody granted during the 10 day wait... Irina has no problems with me or custody BUT the new social worker in Komsomolsk makes a report too and is NOT giving early custody since starting in January.  It is unlikely that I will get Corbin before the 11th of June.  There is one more try before court that my lawyer will make to see if people can be convinced... but hope is thin.  I was confused by the conversation - it was like a cross between talking in tongues and in circles... really, it was like in circles of tongues (read: made even less sense).  I thought the baby home director decided... then it was that the social worker has a say... then no... then some comittee... in Khabarovsk... and social worker reports... and I stopped trying to figure out who had votes and whose vote counted... I just have to wait to see what the judge says.  I made a new friend through the fence at the orphanage yesterday... our driver laughed and said he wanted to come back to Canada with me... there were some funny charade moments in trying to communicate.  Today, a table of men at lunch bought us a bottle of bubbly - which we tried to return but they told us it was rude and to take it... I guess we have pre bought celebration for days to come.  Now to the important stuff: Corbin was awesome today.  We played inside for awhile then went out.  We play a game where he climbs up on the tires and I count to 3 then he jumps down.  We've done it so many times now that he surprised me with "One.... two.... freee!!!!"  first spontanious English.
Well, better run, internet is low and we are headed back for my final visit until after court.  This is going to be one last hard goodbye. 
Will update from Khabarovsk when I settle in with Anna again.  And YES!!! Julianne - please email me the secret answer to the place of birth change - I have not heard of the question or answer!!! THANKS!!!
Dhas vhi danya!


Ole said...

I am not sure who will pick up more language at the end of this trip: you will speak Russian or Corbin -English! I just have to teach you type in Cyrillic and you will be set! T minus 2.5 days for me to go to the airport and I will help you figure out tongues and circles. Maybe a puzzle with Russian alphabet would help? LOL Cheers and laughs!! Try not to overanalyze everything, I know you can’t really relax, but at least try. ;-)

Berv said...

Well, Woody, I sure enjoy following your journey in Russia. It sounds like you and Corbin are becoming closer every day! I am thinking about you often, and I hope everything from here on in goes smoothly for you. In the meantime, you just keep enjoying your son!

Nancy said...

I'm conting the days down with you. It sounds like you are doing just wonderful & learning so much about Corbin's birth environment. This will be such a treasure for him when you share it later in life.

I know it is hard to relax, but seek Peace, my friend.