Friday, May 28, 2010

Khab is amazingly beautiful

After begining to think that I might continue to struggle to find the beauty in Russia (bear in mind I was here for a whirl wind trip at Christmas and everything was covered in snow and minus 9 million followed by this trip of exploring a less than hospitable environment in Selihino and in Komsomolsk in terms of being dirty, destitued and downtrodden) I have been so welcomed by a city that astounds me with incredible sights, sounds, beauty, and culture at every turn.  Anna and I walked today for almost 3 hours.  I saw churches, squares, fountains, parks, theatres, live music, amazing river vistas... and found a ballet that Ole and I can go to while I wait for custody.  One of the things I wanted to do while here if possible was to see a Russian ballet - seems like an appropriate thing to do.  Everyone kept saying that seeing one in Khab is unlikely - they don't tour very often.  Anna and I came upon the local place (forgive me - I don't know what it is) where productions, plays and ballets are held and there was a HUGE sign saying June 5-6-7 welcoming the ballet with members of the troupe from the Bolshoy company to perform Swan RIVER (as I mistakenly keep calling it... which all the Russians get a HUGE kick out of - yes, now I know, it's Swan LAKE and CCCP means USSR when you see it on things just to avoid anyone else being embarassed!!!), Romeo and Julliet and Dan Quixote (sorry if that is spelled wrong).  I am thrilled... I will enjoy it very much and can't wait for Ole to arrive in 2 days!  We also ran into the DMP (the Canadian approved doctor that has to evaluate all children before being OK'd for immigration) at the grocery store.  He told me good luck and study my dossier in detail.  I should go do that :)
Tomorrow is City day here and there will be a parade that Anna and I will attend.  I am so lucky to have found Anna and her amazing hospitality.  She will make this trip memorable and even more unforgettable (if that is possible!)

Will post pictures when I get a chance. Know all is well and I am relaxing and preparing for court!
Good night!

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Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

You need to ask Anna if she will work for your Canadian agency!!!
She is simply lovely!

Send her a big hello for me, and tell her to tell Tatyanna and Julia hello for me..

I loved going to the sports stadium behind the Intourist hotel. Very active and fun atmosphere. Loved those walks along the river also!!