Sunday, May 30, 2010

One more sleep - court tomorrow

Quick note... it's 9:15 am here, Ole and I made a quick stop at the internet cafe to send emails to say she has arrived safely and then go for a run.  I have court prep tonight and then 11:30 am tomorrow, court.  Say big prayers, think good thoughts... I'll be here telling the judge how much I love my son, why I want to be his Mama, why I think he is ready to come home forever... all the while remembering how much I pay for my mortgage, how much my car insurance is, how much my utilities bill is... and on and on. 
Think of me and Corbin... next note...GREAT NEWS!!!


Berv said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight, and I know that tomorrow will go just as you hope. You have been waiting for this for so long...your new beginning is within arms reach now! I look forward to hearing your great news!

nicole said...

sending huggs hunxooxoxoxooxox

Barb said...

I will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending good thoughts and vibes to the courtroom proceedings! Keeping my fingers crossed for early custody!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Thinking of you and can't wait for the next post to see....GREAT NEWS!!!

Anonymous said...

This last stretch must be extremely nerve wracking! The butterflies must be tickling something crazy. I know mine are. I am awaiting, baited breath for the good news! You are in deed, in my thoughts and prayers! After the papers are signed and everything is legal, when are you and Corban coming HOME? Can I have a picture of you and my nephew when you get back home? It is so cute - Danika keeps talking about "Coban" and loves seeing his picture. Every time she sees his picture she says "coban is cute, he's cute". I'm not sure if she knows fully, what's going on, but she knows something exciting is going on with "My Aunty Tacey". Wishing you all the best,

Love from:

Marty, Aislyn, Danika and Janice.

Shelly and Steve said...

I know it will go great and you will say all the right things and you will be Corbin's mommy forever!!! How exciting to be in your shoes right now :o) All the best!!! Can't wait to hear about it