Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's 12:55... my mom and sister will be here in about an hour to have a quick visit and then take me to the airport.  My bags are packed (who knew 50lbs actually amounts to so little???) my back pack (carry on) is bigger than it should be... and I'm hoping I can camoflage it because the alternate is checking it as another piece which I don't want to do.  All the items on my check list are crossed off... now I get to go.  3 days until I get to see Corbin again... I have pictured this for so long - I can't wait for the real life adaptation of my dreams.  I can't wait to hear that little laugh and to ask him if he wants to play outside... I can't wait to watch him fall asleep... in my arms.  I can't wait for everything so I better stop listing those one by one now.  I know travel will be smooth, arrangements will be made, I'll have the 8 doctor medical (AKA the Saturday night skit - going to the Russian medical clinic) and just being with my son.  I am looking forward to it all.  A person who I haven't thanked nearly enough (and never will) is Ole.  You've been my friend for about 10 years now and you've humored my adoption stories for about as long.  I've watched you balance your life as a single mom and know that you will be here to help me do the same.  But, there are few - or likely closer to NO people who would do what you are doing for me.  Ole has made arrangements to have her own son cared for and has volunteered to come in for court and stay with me until we touch down home.  Almost a month away from home, work, friends, life... all to be there for me.  I initially thought Ole would come for the last 7 days or so to help me bring him home - to that she answered - no... I want to be there for you for court and for when you pick him up from the orphanage.  I want to be there for you to make things easier.  30 years from now we won't remember how much the paycheck was that I lost... but it will matter that I was there.  Folks, now that's a friend.  Thanks to Ole, and to every other friend who has wiped tears, shared stories, and encouraged me on in this journey.
Let the fun part begin!!!
Love to many, friendship to all!


nicole said...

good luck my friend dont forget the bug tons of pics when you get home..huggs from canada..

Barb said...

Stacey, I feel so stupid! I keep forgetting to check for updates and now you're already gone . . . but that's the good news! Hopefully, you'll be blogging during the next month! Have a wonderful reunion with your little man!!