Friday, May 21, 2010

Safe, sound, showered and sane!

The trip went smooth(ish) this time around and I didn't have to spend extra time in my favorite airport hotel!  I had resigned at one point to having to do it but things turned on dime and I ran for my life to make the connecter... and I'm here!  I made it through passport control this time no problem (did take a picture of the lonely bench from trip one in the passport control area) and went directly through to the other side - WHEW!!! right??? Nope.  Luggage - nowhere to be found.  So, I started the complex process of jockying (is that a word) it is for now - into position to start a baggage claim file.  After about 20 minutes, the lady left me standing there for awhile came back and said, "Is your last name XXXXXX?" and I said why yes it is! and low and behold it had mysteriously appeared on the belt.  Thus began the RUN phase of my "there are 2 speeds in Russia - STOP and RUN!!!" I hit the floor running and grabbed a transit bus for 60 rubles. jumped the cue at domestic check in, blasted up the stairs (as fast as you can blast with 50 lbs of carry on luggage) and got to the gate in time for boarding.  I had to wring my shirt out (changed it for the luxury of my seat mate) got a seat at the front of the plane and there was no one in the middle!!! Score!!! I had a decent sleep, arrived here, collected my baggage, and was dropped off at my home stay to get cleaned up and rest.  Anna is a wonderful host and a very nice person.  I am looking forward to spending time with her over the next month or so!  BUT for now, the big thing is getting on the train tonight and seeing my boy tomorrow!!!
Not sure when I can post again - Elya didn't book train tickets or hotel in advance so we are staying somewhere else (which is a bummer) and I don't know if they have internet.  So, you may have to hold tight until I get back here for news on the reunion.  But it's gonna be great!!!
Paka from Khabarovsk!


janelle c. said...

great way to get in shape with all the running!

so glad you made it this far this smoothly. i cannot wait to read up on the reunion!

wishing Corbin an early Happy Birthday! and wishing you all the best, Stacey!

J.J Barnes said...

So glad to hear that you are there. I have been doing my own little count down, Amsterdam by, 2, Moscow, by 7:30, kahb by 3. Being there was no earlyr posting I did a happy dance at work knowing all flights were made. Tell Anna That I say hi and Thank you for looking after my Sister. Have a great Visit with Corbin, give him B-day huggs and Kisses from all here. Quick note...Soccer game on Wed was great, Soinia told me she was imagining that the ball was Corbin and that is why she was running to it so hard every time :)
Love you

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

There is a business center at one of the hotels in Komsolsks. NOT THE Voschod though...It may be in the lobby of the Visit???
Ask about it and someone will know..But I know there was one somewhere!!

terence and carala said...

Awesome Stacey!!! So excited you are on your way to see your boy! I can't wait to see pics of you guys together again. :-) Such a sweet sweet thought! My heart is warm and fuzzy...thinking of you guys. Wahoooo! :-)

love from all my boys :-) ...C.

Barb said...

Yeah! So happy for you that you are there safe and sound, and just hours away from reuniting with your little guy!

Linda said...

I am so happy you are there safe and sound. Wishing you a great time with Corbin and birthday wishes.


Tracey and Chuck said... excited to hear you made it safely!!! Can't wait to hear about your reunion with your little heart skipped a beat just thinking about it and remembering ours just a few short months ago!!! Can't wait to hear more and see pictures finally of your little boy!!!