Friday, June 25, 2010

Home safe and soundly sleeping

A quickie to say we arrived home on time with all of our luggage yesterday at 3:30 to a crowd of friends and family - what a nice way to land.  My sister had filled our fridge and made an amazing chicken stew - a perfect home cooked meal - comfort in a pot, there were flowers from mom and my grandma, balloons, decorations, and Kelly stayed to share a glass of celebratory wine and stories from over the pond.  I should have slept earlier... and later... Corbin was in bed by 8:30 ish but woke up at 5am... took 90 min to go back to sleep and I had to wake him up at 10.  Napping now - I feel a schedule return coming on and an early bedtime for me.  The ginger check in phone calls have been a welcome diversion and the fresh air walk to get more groceries was riddled with "MAMA!!! Machena!!! Tractor!!! BIG bus!!! Little bus!!!" 
Life is good... his sleeping is coming along... next - better eating - right now he's pretty overwhelmed with his surroundings - eating is difficult to focus on but I guess he'll eat when he's hungry??? Any good ideas from experience??? Here are some pictures from Moscow, one (fountain one) in Khab and then the plane ride home with his first new friend.  In the words of Ronald McDonald... ba da da da da... I'm lovin' it!!!


Tracey and Chuck said...

Oh Yeah!!!! Everyday I have been checking for a new post and was hoping you had made it home with your sweet little boy!!!!! Corbin sounds like he is doing great and I am sure his Mama is wonderful!!! I agree....if he is hungry, he will eat!!! Our Matty in the beginning was very finicky (and still is at times) but I always knew I could get him to eat yogurt or the Gerber Rice cereal...he loved both of them and still does!!! Get some sleep and hopefully we will see some new pictures coming from your way very soon!!!! So very excited for both you and Corbin....welcome to Motherhood.....isn't it wonderful!!!!

judy said...

Welcome Home...

Sleep! ah yes, I remember the deprivation...Don't sweat the food right now. These were the winners then and now for us: bananas, yogurt, oatmeal and milk....My youngest will eat meatballs and pasta, til think he'll explode...Just keep trying/offering he will find something to devour!

Congrats again!

nicole said...

fabulous you got home safe..!!!thats awesome..whewww im so relived..bigg huggs..

Nancy said...

Big, Big hugs to Mama & Corbin.

There is nothing like home, even through the in-country experience is so precious & amazing.

Foods my son loved when we 1st got home (very similar to another post) - yogurt, bananas, oatmeal, jello. As far as meat, I had to put it in my chopper & finely chop it up for him to eat it. Everything had to be "mushy". He was on a diet of very pureed food at the baby home.

I'm sooooo glad you are home safe & sound!

Time to sit back, relax & ENJOY your new life as a parent, but more than anything, special bonding time with your sweet Corbin!!!