Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A perfect day

Well, it's been busy... getting settled in and getting to know one another.  Corbin is a beautiful little boy on the inside and out.  Today he got his first haircut from Aunt Karen - and in following with every other thing he has done on an outing, he was an angel.  Not a peep, not a squirm, not a troublesome fidgit... just sitting quietly with a car in both hands under the cape while the clippers and scissors did their thing.  His little orphanage hair do is now history (it was not hideous by any stretch but it was chunky and scraggly - now it's not).  We have struggled with eating a bit (ok a lot) since we got home.  He doesn't want to eat when it's just the two of us but will eat in a crowd of people (on the plane, at my sisters, with other people).  It's left me a little sad and with a fridge full of rejected food stuffs.  Turns out he really enjoys the NON orphanage fare (so much for keeping things simple and the same).  He has pounded back hotdogs, grilled cheese sandwich, raisins, cheerios, cheese, yogurt (OK thats the same) and lots of scrambled eggs with sausage.  Today, he ate breakfast like a champ, hotdogs and raisins with Ashton and Ella, snacked on cheerios in the car and finished the day off with some veggies, a grilled cheese sandwich and more cheese... that my friends is how you spell relief :)  I know tomorrow might not be another banner day but I'll take this  one.  The only little bump today is another night terror.  He had one on the plane and today another. It's heart breaking - nothing I can do - he isn't really awake, he wants me to hold him and then pushes me away.  He sat sobbing uncontrolably facing the headboard and not wanting anything to touch him... eyes only open a slit.  I just sit with him and talk gently and reassuringly... we get through.  The night ended with meeting the neighbors and their big Sabakas.  He is so not afraid of dogs and is sweet with my friends - it makes me happy.  I don't think I updated after bringing Lyric (our dog) home on Sunday.  He rolled with that as if he knew all about her and was ready to have a huge big dog for his own.  He sat in his car seat with his hand on her back most of the way home and in the morning, he layed down beside her on her bed with his head on her back and said "good puppy"...  I couldn't be more thrilled with this little guy. 
Our day ended with the usual kisses and hugs and the game we play where he gives me his hand and I kiss his palm... and then he does... and then I do... and then I put it on his heart and tell him I love him... and he smiles and says, "good night Mama".
Today was a perfect day :)


HilaryS said...

So glad you are home Stacey. Isn't it the best feeling in the world to be back in your own home with your child asleep in their bed.

Hang in there. You are doing everything right. The first few months are really hard. It seems like the sleeping problems are unending but then they stop and you can hardly remember them. I remember being at our wit's end over bed time especially with our daughter. We called our social worker and everything. I really don't even remember exactly what the problem is. Our two kids now sleep like absolute champs. Sleep through the night, hardly ever have nightmares or come in our room (maybe once a month tops). Give me a holler if you need someone to talk to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey,
As much as I can understand how scary the night terrors are, just take some comfort in knowing that they are not uncommon in children. Luke had a few of them when he was younger. You just have to sit through it with them and eventually they go back to sleep. In the morning Luke has never been able to remember that he has had them even though he can sometimes describe nightmares that have woken him up. I think the night terrors are much worse for them than us.

Oh yeah, the Strathcona shopping centre (where Sobey's is) in the past has hosted a great Canada Day breakfast and the firefighters are there with their trucks. Check into it as I'm sure Corbin would be thrilled to get to sit in a fire truck.