Friday, July 9, 2010

first Dr. appt done

Corbin met Dr. Lisa today and she can't believe that he's only been home 2 weeks.  She asked all the right questions about his attachment - does he go to others willingly? (no) Does he come to you for comfort if he is hurt? (yes) Is he learning English words (yes - he was fascinated by COLD today after learning that the AC vents blow cold air, he asked for a hot dog at the neighbors tonight, calls the dog by name, said no bike Mama when we went outside... and reams of other words that pop up when I don't expect it).  He was weighed, measured, poked and prodded (no blood tests until Monday with the IA doc) and as the doctor said - he is fine - no - better than fine - he obviously loves you and seems to be attaching beautifully, is resiliant, adaptable, healthy and the perfect little boy - you both are so very lucky.  I couldn't agree more.  He's 25% plus in height and weight - both "current" measurements taken the day he left the orphanage were wrong - weight out by a lb and a half and height out by 2"  He is (I know I said this before and recognize it now as wishful thinking) eating better... I found his currency lol.  He loves his chewable vitamins and orange tic tacs (I can't give him a vitamin at every meal) and he loves his new ride on dump truck as well as various other big truck toys... he understands me very well when I say, "do you want to play with xyz after you eat? DA! Well, if you don't eat, I will put xyz into the closet and you can't play with it until tomorrow... like magic... he is eating.  OK he is eating weird stuff like liver pate (Megga YUCK but a suggestion that has him eating!) on mini ritz crackers and cream cheese omlettes (with liver pate... again - BARF!) but I'm getting great calories and nutrients into his body... I can't wait for the 3 month check in with Dr. Lisa to see how his language and weight have come along.  In other notes, Mama didn't manage to get into get her ankle x-ray'd yet - tomorrow... after the pancake breakfast with friends but Corbin did manage to become the proud new owner of a cowboy hat and shirt... he's rodeo ready now!  Should be some cute cute days ahead. Goodnight!


JennStar said...

His smile is priceless!! Glad you had such a great Dr's visit. Enjoy the pancakes!

amy and kevin said...

WOW ~ Corbin looks amazing!!! His attachment is WAY better than Clara Jane's and she has been home almost 3 months! You are doing an awesome job, mama :)

dgporter said...

Such wonderful progress. That picture made me smile too. He's obviously right where he needs to be, Mom! Congratulations again.