Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

Today was another banner day for my little guy.  We seemed to have mostly turned the corner on the eating challenges.  I tell him when I'm hungry and that the dog is hungry and that I am going to eat and the dog is going to eat and he decides then that he would also like to eat (Vulcan mind trick... he falls for it every time).  Interestingly though, he's started referring to himself as "Gisha" as of yesterday.  I haven't heard this before - or maybe I didn't have my Russian station tuned just right but he now knows himself both as Corbin and "Gisha" but when he spontaniously will announce that he wants to eat, sleep or pee it's "Gisha hochish _______" No biggie - who am I kidding - it would take me a lot more than a couple of weeks to refer to myself by some different name too. 
So - what did we do today? We had a relaxing early morning and then headed to a nearby grocery store area where they were holding a Canada Day celebration breakfast.  We wandered about for awhile and then I took him to his new love... "bouncy houses".  He beamed and squealed and had to be retrieved from the house at the end of his time both times he was in it.  I stood at the side and watched his sweet face beam and I cried just a little.  In those moments it hits me how much his world has changed and how he is just rolling with the punches.  He couldn't be more content or seeming better adjusted.  He reaches for me, looks for me, identifies me as his own, he didn't seem to miss a beat.  While he is kind and friendly with other people after an initial warm up period he has a strong preference for Mama. After saying goodbye to his bouncy house he experienced his first pancake breakfast.  He gobbled down a pancake with syrup and 2 glasses of juice.  We watche the clown make balloons but I had no intention of standing in line for 45 minutes for a balloon sword.  He was content to watch.  My van was parked by a coffee shop that I had made a mental note of before so we popped in.  Coffee $3, entrance into the kids play area in the back with amazing toys including a playskool plastic motorhome that Corbin adored $5... unlimited play time... watching him explore and meet new friends - priceless.  I have a new hangout place where he can meet friends and I can not have to purchase, house and clean up all the latest and greatest toys.  Next was a good lunch, nap time and his cousin Tyler who came for a visit.  Tyler took him out on his bike, went kite flying, played at the park, checked out all the cars we have keys for and got to know one another... Ty can't wait to teach him how to skate... and neither can I.  There was some significant garage debate however on which way he should shoot - I think ultimately, Corbin will pick :)  Dinner went well, a bath, a book and a bit of a struggle with bed time.  He plays (read: fiddles and whispers to himself) quietly but this often takes a couple hours.  I do my best to get him to sleep before 10 on these nights but it's sometimes too close to call.  No worries - he won't die of lack of sleep or food... we'll work it out. 
Today was a great Canada day.  Welcome to a GREAT country where you will grow up strong and free as the anthem says.  You looked so handsome in your maple leaf sweater... Mama couldn't be more thrilled - thanks for making falling in love over and over so easy my boy!

xoxo Mama


Barb said...

Congrats on your first Canada Day together! We enjoyed the day, too. Does Corbin like milk? Sofia wouldn't drink it all all the first month she was home . . .

JennStar said...

What a fun day you guys had!! Happy Canada Day for you guys!!

Linda said...

Happy Canada Day (from a former Canadian)! Your blog always brings a big smile and a few tears of joy every morning when I read it. I am so happy for you and Corbin. He is the same age as when we brought Hannah home two years ago and it brings back such fond memories. Cherish every moment, time flies. Hannah will start kindergarten this September ~ my baby is all grown up !

Hugs Linda, Jeff and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that you two made it to the Canada Day festivities at Strathcona. No fire trucks? I see that WSCR is having a Stampede Charity Breakfast on Saturday morning over by Fergus & Bix. We are planning on going if you're interested.

Jill (& Kelly, Luke, & Tom)