Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moments like these

Every day is filled with moments that I want to remember but I know as the days pass and life gets busy moving forward, I'll forget how sweet these perfect memories are.  Again - bouncy house... you bring my boy such joy!  He impatiently waited to rip the shoes from his feet and bail into the carefully planned out path he mapped from his viewpoint perched on my hip.  Directly in, blazing past the older kids to the "ladder" leading to the big inflatable slide inside... over - and over - and over... trademark smile pasted on.  The landings weren't always graceful (the sommersault / vault dismount at the completion of run 6) but the squeals of delight won top marks from the judges with the stopwatch at the bottom.  The fire truck was also a hit - anyone who will let you behind the wheel of a favorite vehicle is a hero in your eyes.  You are really eating like a champ and I'm tricking you into veggies and healthy stuff like avocadoes without you even knowing.  Seeing your cousin Tyler so excited to see you and you to show him your toys and trucks makes me smile... thanks for the play - dough note on the table guys :)  The best moments of the day came closer to the end though... I scooted out next door for about an hour to a friends stagette launch while Tyler entertained you here at home.  When the doorbell rang and you stood there with Ty with the relieved and happy look on your face as you reached for me and Tyler told me, "he keeps asking over and over - where's Mama??? where's Mama??? with concern... so it was time to go home... or since you got your way, it was time to ride your tricycle out in the rain... which you had never (in my guess) experienced before.  I say this because of the way you looked to me to explain and share in your wonder at the wet drops from the sky.  You squealed and laughed and wanted to stay out while it poured.  On the swing you tipped your head back, mouth wide open to catch the drops on your tongue... innocence and a first - so touching for me to recognize and take in.  I could have stayed there all night with you.  As we headed back - me carrying your bike, you pounced through the rain water just like I had imagined.  The squeals and smiles would bring a smile to the most distant heart.  We were both soaked - amazed and soaked.  For you Steph, I'll post my gourmet dinner -Pan seared salmon with lime zest and dill accompanied by  a melange of el dante carrots and sweet potatoe with diced baked apple garnished with a butter / brown sugar reduction. For dessert, 3 orange tic tacs and a flintstone multi vitamin :)
No pictures... just amazing moments to try and remember.

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Amy and Corey said...

I found your blog on FRUA not long ago, and LOVE IT! You are a beautiful family, and Corbin is beyond precious. As long as you are posting, I am reading! :-)