Monday, July 5, 2010

My first week home

Mom says it's time I chime in here and let you all know what I've been up to since I've been home.  Wow... I've been busy and boy am I exhausted at the end of our days!  I've met a lot of really nice people - many at the airport, some who have come to my house to visit and teach me to ride my new bike or give my mom a hug.  They all seem to think I'm pretty special because they make Mama cry when they say how great I seem to be adjusting and how darn cute I am.  I have made some new friends too - Ashton, Ella, Cooper, Amilia, Olivia, Sonia, Nolan... I have so much fun playing with them and exploring their toys :)  My favorite things so far have been jumping in the 'bouncy house' on Canada day (but I looked out and saw Mama crying beside it and couldn't understand why... I heard her tell her friend that moments like that watching me squeal and laugh and learn to jump and jump and jump make her happy... that she was able to give me that happiness and that it mkes her heart big... then I got busy jumping again... they even had to come and fetch me because I didn't want to leave), riding on Tag's lawn tractor, driving Ashon's little tractor, playing in the sun with the hose running around the lawn in my underwear, and yesterday, I got to ride in a real boat... 4 times.  What else have I done... hmmm... I ate pancakes at my first pancake breakfast, watched my cousins play soccer, been on many car rides, swung in a hammoc, played at at 4 parks, met my dog who absolutely loves me and gives me kisses every time she sees me... which I laugh and squeal at, flew a kite, rode a bike, swam in a lake (sort of), played in the sand, jumped in another bouncy house, smelled flowers, fell and banged my poor little forehead and got a bump with a bruise (which I remind Mama to kiss better all the time - it never gets old for either of us), drove in a car on the front of Mama's shopping cart, saw a rainbow, started eating for Mama, decided I like boiled eggs a LOT, I like hot dogs and hamburgers and fries (which Mama isn't crazy about but she says hey... he's eating) and grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese, yogurt, cheerios, juice, sausages, my flintstone vitamins and Mama keeps trying to get me to eat stinky veggies - I keep saying maybe later... now I need to go to sleep... it's been a long week. 
Mama says she has lots of pictures of my week and promises to post some new ones soon.  She keeps telling me what else is coming up but I don't know what a rodeo is or if I'm ready to meet a horse.  She also is talking about going on a road trip to meet GG and more friends in Saskatchewan and maybe even to Bermuda in September.  I think I would like to check out the pink sand and see if I like swimming in the ocean.  I hear there are some cool people in Bermuda that can't wait to meet me too.  I can't wait for tomorrow - I get to see the lawn mower in action - Mama says to take notes... I will get to run it in a few years.  Goodnight for now - I'm exhausted.
xoxo Corbin.


Becky and Steve said...

Hi Stacey! I'm EngGirl from the FRUA board. I'm so happy to see your blog and hear how things are going. I don't have a blog (yet) but in trying to find you I saw that your FRUA profile needs updatingnow that your are a mother!! Hope you are getting enough sleep!
Becky (EngGirl)

alicia said...

i have tears in my eyes at how his little world is blown open with you as his mama...everything it should be and more...all the amazing experiences he is having and will have!! love the photos...nothing better than kids with a garden hose!!