Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things are going "swimmingly"

I wish I had pictures of today but no cameras allowed in public pools since not everyone wants to be in other peoples photos... So I guess I'll just have to give you the visual... All day - from the moment Corbin woke up and I asked him (like I do every day) "did you have a good sleep?" to which he responds "All done Mama - all done" he asked to have a bath.  I tried to put him off by telling him he would have a BIG bath later... he wandered into my bathroom with the big tub and thought I was meaning there... boy was he surprised when we rounded the corner at the pool... he hesitated after the showers - he doesn't like noise and gets a little afraid.  I picked him up and stepped out to where he could see the "big water" and it was game on from there.  Smiles, squeals, joy pouring from everywhere it could.  He floated, blew bubbles, put his head right under the water, splashed, kicked, and played flat out for 2 1/2 hours.  When it was time to leave, he didn't want to go - tears and bargaining with promises we would go back again. 
Rewind: Yesterday we went to the Children's hospital to see the IA doc.  She introduced us to the one who will be caring for Corbin for the next year.  I just about cried when they took 5 vials of blood... but he hardly winced at all.  The 3 ladies in the room were astounded - stickers, smiles and snacks... and it passed without incidence.  Outside of that, nothing to note... everyone is ecstatic with his development and settling in here at home.  She even put my mind at ease with the eating challenges we've had saying that not wanting to eat is a great problem to have - most kids come home and are very afraid of not having enough - enough food, enough time, enough love, enough security... She said that him refusing food and being a little controlling or distracted says to her that he feels safe, that he feels comfortable and safe and home... he isn't worried that there won't be a next meal - he's more worried that his trucks might be playing without him upstairs lol... The biggest problem of the day was the wild hail storm that made my vehicle look like a golf ball...thank goodness that it's a work vehicle now in line behind 1000 other cars with hail damage from the storm. Where is our summer??? 
Other than that, Corbin PLAYED with Lyric today for the first time.  He went and got the toy that he picked out for her and brought it to her.  She got excited and they began playing fetch... so good to see.  When it stops raining and my ankle smartens up it will be park time to play soccer and fetch with the dog.  I told a friend today that I'd take the long journey to here any time to have such an amazingly happy little guy who seems to have wanted nothing more than a home and family of his own to fall into.  We have each other and I have a feeling he will never look back.

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