Thursday, July 8, 2010

While I should be sleeping

This time I'm talking about me - not Corbin... You would think the liklihood of me injuring myself would come in some sort of activity like soccer or at the lake - but you would be wrong.  Yesterday was a good day... I took a new approach to the eating (along with some great ideas from mom to be Steph and her wise resources who have picky / control eaters of their own) and we relaxed.  Had a lazy day, bought some great new exciting "BIG TRUCK MAMA!!! BIG TRUCK!!!" type toys as well as a little tricycle since he's not quite big enough for the big wheel, came home had dinner and I finally cooked the steak in the fridge (between bites of mushed up sheppards pie it was going to go bad) and thought a glass of wine would be good with that... well 2 was even better... until the fall... can't blame it on the wine (2 glasses is hardly enough to impair walking!) but I need to explain somehow that in launching off the deck in an effort to catch the dog before she pee'd on the lawn I found myself crumpled in a ball with a nose full of turff (freshly cut grass smells good at least).  I didn't cry (amazing) didn't curse (miracle) I just rolled around wondering how this transpired and how I will play soccer on Sunday!!!  So, amidst ice and elevation and multiple advil gel caps, I'm downloading pictures and catching up on my blog since I've been awake all night (tomorrow should be interesting).  We'll see how soccer comes along.
Speaking of soccer, Corbin attended his first game as captain of the cheer squad for Mama's team.  He never ceases to amaze me or the people around him.  He sat on the bleachers with the other kids and dads and shared his snacks, chased the balls on the sidelines and the most amazing moment that I forgot I was waiting for... the end of the game when all the kids come running out to their moms... he was there - arms stretched up yelling "MAMA!!! MAMA!!!" - memory moment for sure. We also went to heritge park with Kari and James - Corbin loved riding the "toot toot toot!", petting the pigletts and riding the wee little ferris wheel all by himself with his trademark ear to ear smile.  Well little man, here's to a forever filled with  more opportunities to cheer one another on and smile that big smile.  I don't care what you do (gotta say there is a part of me of course that hopes you'll play soccer and hockey!) as long as it puts a smile on your face like boat rides, bouncy houses and sommer saults (is that how you spell that?) on the side lines.  Thanks for making me smile! (now could you get me some more ice for my ankle?)

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