Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On the road - part 1

Whoops... that's a lot of pictures... but I couldn't stop myself from hitting attach - yes I'm biased but he is a cute cute little boy if I do gush myself :)
This is part 1 because the little Russian and I have a lot of travel coming up for us.  Tonight we returned from a visit to Saskatchewan where we visited and met more family and friends.  Highlights were Mel and Kayins' baby shower and spending time with "Baba G-G".  There are not many joys like watching the face of an 87 year old woman light up when she gets "noses" from her great grandson.  I wish I could bottle that - I'm pretty sure it would be an ingredient in youth serum.  Corbin is a fantastic little traveler.  I didn't even have to break out the emergency DVD loaded with Taw-moose the train! for the 6 hour trip to Saskatoon or the 7+ hour ride home from another GG's today.  The back seat choruses keep me smiling.  Corbin LOVED hanging out with his little buddy Kayin Mamush and would have eaten a million meatballs at Ukrainian day in the park but the line up was too long for Mama!  We had photos done while we were there and I'm hoping they turn out better than I feel like they did.  Corbin left his cuteness at home and turned into wile 3 year old who wouldn't look at the camera and when he did, I think my eyes might have been closed! But, she was good... so the proof will be... well... in the proofs!  We won't get those until we are away on our vacation to the beach but I'm sure we will be too busy to worry about that! 
Today he learned what a pump jack is and happily pointed them out all the way home.  Corbin is officially counting to 10 and knows Black, white, blue, green, red, pink, orange, yellow, grey, silver... but it's funny because most often he spurts out whatever color is on the tip of his tongue and then actually looks at what he is being asked and corrects himself - so second time's a charm (right now everything is PINK! because that is his newest color acquisition).  We've officially been home for 2 months now that the 24th has passed.  No more Russian is heard at all... "I Ya!" is replaced with WANT PEASE MAMA!!! When my aunt Debbie and Uncle Dwayne met him today they were mesmerized - my uncle shook his head and said, "you'd never know he hasn't been with you from the start... I can't believe how much English he knows already and how he doesn't stop TALKING and RUNNING!!! They are pretty sure he was meant to be mine :)  I can't wait to dress him in the perfect little cowboy vest and chaps they gave him - looks like Halloween took care of itself!
Corbin is back for his 2 month check in with the IA doctor here in town on the 11th and he has a peds dentist appointment on Thursday.  He's gained 2 1/2 lbs since he's been home which puts him above 50% for weight with his height just short of that.  I couldn't be more relieved to know he's as healthy as he is happy!  The only other bit of update is that Corbin has a spot in 2 morning a week preschool starting in November.  The doctors both agreed that with his adjustment and attachment going so well that it would be good for him to get some structured language, learning and "head start" catch up to ensure that we can identify and work on any of the things that he is behind in.  I've been so lucky to find a great program that is play based educational focus with a spot available for him when we get back from Bermuda! 
Well, we're off to Edmonton for soccer Provincials this weekend.  I am fortunate to play with a talented bunch of girls who I played with and against over the years in club ball and at university.  They are a bit of a dynasty and I'm glad to be along for the ride - especially this year as I missed so much with travel and then with my ankle injury.  We still play at a level where there are national championships so here's to another solid showing and no snow this year!!! Glad to be home - going to sleep in my own bed (I'll save the story of the motor inn in Assinaboia Saskatchewan and it's resemblance to a hotel in Siberia for another time - although the beds were considerably more comfortable). Spacoina nochey!


Tracey and Chuck said...

Cute is an understandment....Corbin is a gorgeous gorgeous little boy with those big beautiful blue eyes!! Love all the pictures!!! sounds like you guys are busy, much fun!!!! How wonderful that he is talking so much english....we are slowly but surely getting there!!! Corbin sounds like a sweet sweet boy!!! Keep the pictures to see them.

amy and kevin said...

Could not be any cuter... he looks like a model!!!