Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random Musings from Russia

I find myself telling the stories of my time in Russia and remembering moments that didn't make the blog for one reason or another, but that I don't want to forget.  So, as they come up, I'll share some funny memories. 

"Mama Ka-kat!!!"
It's a beautiful morning for a walk in Khabarovsk and Corbin and I are strolling along the promenade peacefully enjoying the cooler temperatures and sparse Russian crowds in an area that soon becomes packed with festivities and action.  We would get up at about 7:30, eat and then head out for a walk until noon.  Dressed in his new finest threads imported from Canada sans pull up, I hadn't really contemplated where facilities are located along the walk (rookie move).  I had scouted for them in the afternoons and evenings and in the vendors, bathrooms were plentiful.  At this hour however (nothing gets going until after lunch) not a toilet was to be seen.  Bear in mind that communications between the little Russian and Big Mama were full of enthusiasm but lacking in content so when I heard "MAMA...KA-KAT!" loud and clear from my babes mouth I shuddered in horror as I frantically scanned for the nearest facsimile to a toilet... AH HA! porta potty... NYET! guarded by some grumpy looking Baba I needed some amount of money payable in Rubles to use the nasty stench of a potty... I only had some bigger bill and she had no change and quite frankly I wasn't ready to part with what could have turned out to be $20 to have him be afraid of the nasty hole in the lumber... time was seriously of the essence.  Fine then, I'll take that bush... I don't have the language, the charades skills nor the inclination to ask for directions to the nearest approvable location so... we dart dash and do do.  Thankfully Mama had a zip lock full of wipes.  While you are disgusted with my behavior, it's worse: that this was not the only time that a bear pooped in the woods... but what do you do??? Like a good "owner" however, I did bag and tag the next one for proper disposal.  I have however repented since I've been home and am happy to say that there has been no pooping in the woods since we've been back.  Oh yeah, and I'm a better charades player in English :)
Stay tuned... there are way more stories from the trenches.

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