Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today we danced

While the statement of "today we danced" might not seem like much to celebrate, for me, it was an amazing morning.  Corbin has been headstrong, confident and a "doer" since the moment I met him.  In his own self assured way he steps confidently in the directon of what he wants and sees BUT he has pushed me away in wanting to dance with him and even in singing TO him.  For anyone who knows me, I sing all the time in the house and car - he didn't mind this but singing "ABC" or "Ring around the Rosey" or anything else was met with MAMA!!! NO!!!  In the last few days he's been more interested in doing the hockey pokey or doing roll play along with the folks on TV cartoons.  This morning I looked up from my coffee to see him dancing away to the song on the radio.  I smiled and asked if he would dance with Mama?  Answer - big smile and YES!  We danced away to "you and me baby we're stuck like glue".  These are the moments - the ones we dream of - the ones we wait for... today I danced with my boy (followed by horsey rides, squealing like a dolphin, trying to ride the dog (OH NO CORBIN!) and kissing the computer screen as we talked with my friend Steph because he wanted to say a special hello! 
Mornings for us are special so I'll add this to the list of great stuff.  Every day I open the door to see him wriggling from under the blankets to emerge with the BIGGEST smile and "good morning Mama! Cuddle pease!" I crawl in and we cuddle for awhile... until the dog jumps on the bed and Corbin launches to cover her up with his "binkie"  He is just so affectionate.  He will crawl on my chest and say, "hugs mama" or "more kisses" - I don't want to get up and leave the moment... but we do and now there will be dancing :)


Mama said...

As always...I love reading your blogs. It is always so wonderful! ~Laura

Tracey and Chuck said...

Corbin sounds like such a sweet sweet boy!!! Matt and I love to cuddle is the best!!! Enjoy the dancing!!!