Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Russia + Canada - you knew this was coming

In the last one he is protesting LOUDLY that, "I skating Mama. NO PICTURES!!! I WANT SKATING NOW!!!"  We were at the rink for 2 hours in total (including making new friends, resting by the fire, snack, and lots and lots of skating) and by the end he was ready to take a few steps on his own towards me just like learning to walk.  He proclaimed with excitement over and over, "It's Slipp-ew-eee Mama, dee ice is slipp-ew-eeee!!!" He didn't complain once about the helmet, falling down or his skates hurting his feet.  The only complaint came when I said we had to go.  He wanted to go swimming next... and when that failed, he headed back towards the arena.  Tomorrow he gets to come to my hockey game and be on the bench with the team... I think his head might explode with delight.  So much fun!


Michelle said...

AWESOME!! Corbin is 2 cute!!!! Hockey is super big in my state.. can't wait to get my future little one on the ice =)

HilaryS said...

Too stinking cute.

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

My little guy has been in lessons for two years already and loves !!! Totally in their blood! : ) Okay, but sorry. . .we're Caps fans! : ) Have fun on the ice!

jo said...

So cute Stac! He looks so tiny in all that gargantuan equipment! You'll be an awesome hockey mama!

Nancy said...

I'm a soccer/baseball mom!!! However, my little Nicky would play ANY sport, & I mean any sport. He loves it ALL!

You both look so happy. Amazing all the fun things you are doing. Isn't it wonderful to experience life through a child's eyes???

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