Monday, January 24, 2011

Lucky #7

Today marks 7 months home for the little Russian.  With Corbin having a wee bit of a cold there was no monumental celebration outside of an extra long cuddle this morning and what was hoped to be a fun trip to the Children's hospital ended up with some sneaky needles that I wasn't prepared for.  After starting all of his vaccinations over again and the associated "welcome to Canada" we need to check you for everything under the sun set of vials drawn on the first visit, he can smell a needle coming from a waiting room away.  My poor guy cleared the clinic with his blood curdling screams and begging "no pokes today Mama".  It took 3 people to get the first one done and a "blue like Thomas" Popsicle to try and distract from the trauma.  After the hyperventilating and crying stopped we headed to what he really came to the hospital for... the big play room... which closed at 4.  I shrugged and thought why ruin another perfectly good day, lets go upstairs to the lab and endure another round of blood curdling "NOOOOOOOO MAMA!"  At least I gave the nurses fair warning.  All in all a very reassuring trip.  The IA doctor continues to be happy with Corbin.  She was shocked to see how much he's grown since he came home - 3 1/4 inches and 8 lbs!!! He weighed in at 36 1/2 lbs and 99cm.  No more extra cheese for you my little friend!!! The Dr. supports the idea of starting Corbin in Spanish language perhaps in the spring with a nanny and then preschool in the fall - we'll have to see if that works out.  Anyone care to chime in their IA child learning another new language and how that went?  So that's that.  Tomorrow he starts "play ball" so it will be interesting to hear the tales of new things learned.  Skiing he (no pun intended) turned a corner for a few runs last time out and actually made some pizza.  Every time  he sees the hill he tells me he wants to go to the top and go FAST.  He now understands that that won't happen until he can STOP!!!  We spent yesterday with the Russian welcoming committee having dinner and avoiding personal adoption conversations (which I'm getting better at doing).  Corbin still doesn't enjoy people talking to him in Russian and got very clingy which is so out of character but now he has the language skills to understand that WE are going HOME TOGETHER. 

In final news, Corbin's Dyeh-dushka Tony passed away after his brief but valiant fight against cancer.  The service was beautiful and a testament to the life he lived, those he loved and the memories he leaves behind. I am so lucky to have had him in my life for 15 years... I selfishly wish Corbin could have grown to know him too.  Rest well with the angels... you are in good company up there. 

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