Sunday, January 2, 2011

So this was Christmas, 6 months and a blindside gift tonight

I can't wait for all you employed friends of mine to return to work - you have completely worn me out this Christmas season with the jaunting from one amazing dinner and visit to another, family visits intermixed with skiing amazing powder and the overwhelming amazement of Corbin's first Christmas. Words won't do the story and excitement of it justice but suffice to say that my house STILL needs to be put back in order after the mayhem of Christmas eve and day.  Santa hit the mark with everything he brought for my boy and he never forgot to say "hank you" which with a little extra effort becomes th-ANK YOU! Highlights were abound and this one came courtesy of my sister re-telling what was overheard in the stairway from the basement.  Corbin went shopping with my sister's family to buy Mama a present - he picked out "jammas and slippers!!!" and kept that secret for a grand total of about 5 seconds inside the door while taking his boots off.  My sister shrugged and said, "well, you don't know what color they are..."  On Christmas eve my sister took Corbin to the basement to wrap my gift.  He was proudly carrying it up to the tree when he stopped on the stairs, hugged the box, kissed it, and said, "for my Mama".  Another amazing gift brought to me courtesy of my tender hearted little boy.  Christmas morning... pure, unadulterated, screaming, tearing, happiness from every pore followed by sledding on his new GT snow racer and a very thankful Christmas feast shared with his cousins, Aunt, Uncle and Grandma. 

I'll spare the details of our ski trip except to say that it was one year before that I walked into the cold brick orphanage and met my son for the first time.  Nothing could touch that day but this year, the skiing was outstanding, meeting another Grandma and more family was touching but the highlight had nothing to do with any of that.  I got my first unsolicited (read: he didnt' just repeat it after I said it first) "I love you Mama" as he casually walked away.   I just looked at my niece and said, "that was a first" and smiled... a heart felt smile.  But wait, there's more.  That moments glory was overshadowed tonight.  Bedtime came early in an effort to return to our normal schedule and we cuddled in to read our "two books".  The second one is a single Adoptive Mom's staple - "I love you like crazy cakes" which is a story about the baby's adoption and how their family came to be.  We read it and talk about our story of airplanes, Russia, Canada, how we met, detsky dom's, and his friends he had in Russia.  He seems to get it and often will talk about the friends he remembers or make comments about being there that have to come from memory.  He told me tonight that he waited at the door and that I came back.  I hugged him tight and what came next as he cuddled into me made me bawl crazy happy tears.  "You are my best friend EVER" he told me... through happy tears I asked him, "who is your best friend?" and he answered, "Mama... YOU are my best friend... I love you.".  So, Ashton, even though you share your fun toys and my son adores you, I'm claiming this title for as long as he'll have me... Today was a red letter day :)  Happy New Year - 2010 will be hard to beat. 

Father Frost - Sled pulled by 3 horses represents "Past, Present & Future" in Russian folklore.


J.J Barnes said...

Thank you so much for having us over for christmas! This year was truly a memorable one for us all. It was the first that you and Corbin could celebrate together and most likely the last one that Sonia and Olivia will believe in the big guy. I do think that you were just as excited for Santa to come as the kids were; it was so touching to see the true meaning of christmas in your eyes. You have made it through to many seasons with sadness, emptiness, and loneliness. Never again will that be the case. Happy new year to you and Corbin!

Jennette said...

Again - I'm crying through my smile! This kid melts me Stacey! Your story, and the continuance of it, lightens my heart!