Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Domestic Enemies of the Adoptive Mom

As the ladies on  say "OH EVEN YESSER!".  This is a blog entry that hits home to most of us out here in adoptive parents land.  I'm in the process of putting together a little ditty on my experience with the "stupid schmidt" that people say... stay tuned :)  Here is the link to their posting... and their blog... OH MY MAUD is it funny!!!
On the home front, things are just bumping along.  Nanny is another step closer to arrival (on my top ten exciting things happening in my life list!), work is creeping ever closer to reality (oh to return to adult conversation, free lunch, rocking out in traffic to something other than "the wheels on the bus", mmmmmmm  STARBUCKS!!! oh yeah... and a pay check!!!), school's back in with another round of "playball" which is a glorified gym class where kids learn to kick, throw, jump, roll, run, hop... all at the sound of the whistle,  the weather is getting better all the time (the funk of the thick grey fog is lifting), Corbin has a "girlfriend" at school (maybe I should meet Hannah's parents since they have taken it to the next level by holding hands all the time???) and Corbin is officially eating me out of house and home.  They measured them at school the other day for a unit on measurements and he is 40.5 inches tall and is creeping in 40 freaking LBS (I re-weighed him at home since I know our scale is accurate and it peeled off a lb but 38 is why my arms hurt hauling him in and out of the car seat)!  Perhaps I should institute a goal of losing as much weight has he gains over the next while - like the scales of justice ;)  His favorite statement these days (and I have a funny video of it) is, "This is DEEE-licious! DEEE-licious Mama... DEE-licious!  I LOVE this dinner... it's my FAVORITE!!!  (note: he seemingly has a lot of favorites).    And for his closing act tonight, Corbin told me as he polished off his dinner, " Soon, I be big enough to drive and YOU sit in my special chair in da back"  (as usual his statement was ended with "All-wite Mama?") followed by, "Where are da keys?"...  Perhaps he should start with a 2 wheeler sans training wheels??? Yeah... I think we'll do that :)

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