Monday, April 25, 2011

A pretty perfect 10

Months that is.  Yesterday marked 10 months home for my boy.  It was a great weekend to celebrate Easter and mark the day.  Pictures will get posted later as the camera got left behind at our SECOND Easter dinner.  The weather was perfect and we've enjoyed getting out in the sun.  Going to places we haven't been for a long time is a great way to see how he's grown and developed.  The Zoo... so amazing to see how much he's learned and the things he is able to express now (for example he's not a big fan of some of the birds (I think Rio in 3D was  causative to this sudden dislike or mistrust) or asking why baby animals don't wear diapers?  His language has developed to talking about his feelings - "I like, I love, My favorite, I don't like, I don't want, I want it later, I'm angry, It makes me angry, I'm sad, I'm scared and even I'm hungry (he would never tell me this until recently? or I'm tired)" - this has opened up a whole new area of conversations for us. On our way into the zoo he must have told me 10x "I so 'cited Mama... Sooooo 'cited".  Love it.  This was repeated during the egg hunt the following day.  I hate laundry even more than usual lately and that's because I'm turning brand new shirts and pants into the "that's too small" pile.  I shouldn't have bothered with size 3 at all - I think he was in it for one laundry cycle.  Size 4 it is... 4T is a little long but by next week we should be good lol.  It was fun to see him wake up Easter morning to find the basket outside his bedroom door and the start of an Easter egg trail but have him come in and climb up on my bed first with eyes as big as saucers to exclaim, "The Easter Bunny... left some stuff on the floor" - so we explored together.  Easter dinners - yes - plural were wonderful.  He looks so forward to spending time with my friends children and pretty much vibrates out of his car seat before sprinting to the door yelling out the kids names to let them know he's arrived.  He looked so handsome in his new Easter outfit but you'll have to trust me... my camera is still at my friends :(
My friend Steph left today to bring her son home from Vladimir and Corbin loves talking to her on Skype.  He knows she is bringing her baby home just like Mama came to Russia to bring him home and it's sparked some interesting conversations and cuddles.  It still catches my breath when he snuggles in and whispers I love you Mama.  As I tucked him into bed tonight it ran through my mind that it shouldn't have been that hard to bring our kids home... quickly followed by I'd still do it if it were 10x harder just to know my son's love.
Times are going to heat up around here over the next month: Soccer starts this weekend, Steph gets home with baby, our nanny arrives, someone turns 4 and someone goes back to work (hint: the only "4" I'll be turning will have a "0" with it and that's not for a few years).  It's gonna get interesting and it's always fun.

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