Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three Kisses

Today marks 12 years from our accident.  I wish you could know him.  He's amazing.  He's funny - he makes me laugh.  He's loving. He's fearless - I'd love to watch you teach him to ski - you'd be way better at it than me - and don't get me started on skating... that was always your thing.  He loves our family and beams at the mention of their names.  He's beautiful - his smile lights up a room and his eyes are so full of wonder and life.  He's animated.  Like someone else I knew, he likes to entertain the crowd.  He's friendly - again, like someone I knew, he walks in knowing no one and has invited people to his party while putting on his shoes to go.  You and I had this thing... 3 kisses.  I don't know why it started or if there was a reason, but I know that we always shared 3 kisses on the way out the door.  It didn't matter long goodbye or short... I got 3 kisses. I am glad I remember our final ones.   Now, my boy does the same.  I often think of you when I collect my kisses from Corbin.
Scott, it's 12 years today that we had to say goodbye.  I wish you could see him.  I wish you could know him.  I wish you could love him.  I wish you could watch him grow.  I wish you could be his Dad.

Over the dressing room where you coached some amazing young men is a quote from your memorial,
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel"

Scott took this team internationally to compete in a tournament in  Russia.  Now we've stood on the same soil amazed for completely different reasons. 

Love you. Miss you.  You loved me more in a minute than most people get in a lifetime.


Amy and Corey said...

Sounds like the world lost a lot when it lost Scott. But he is still Corbin's Dad because you know he is looking down from Heaven and parenting that little boy in all kinds of ways. And I'm sure he guided you to him too. I mean, a 3 year old who came to you so open and trusting is amazing and rare. It's like someone had already whispered in his ear that it was all going to be okay.

Silvana said...

OH Stacey I am sending you a big hug! I agree, someone is watching from above and I am sure your Scott played a role in bringing beautiful Corbin into your life.

terence and carala said...

BIG HUUUUUUUUGS to you Stacey!!!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Sounds like Scott was a wonderful man and I am sure he is watching you and Corbin together every minute of every day!!!

Naomi said...

Stacey: Your husband is looking down and watching/guiding your son each and every day. Couldn't help but shed a few tears when you shared your thoughts with us. Thank you for opening up your heart!