Thursday, June 23, 2011

Letter of resignation

Dear Mr. Corbin,
I am writing to you today to thank you for allowing me to be your employee for the past year.  When I started on your team I wasn't sure that my previous experience would allow for me to provide the quality work that you demand.  Looking back on our time together I have found you to be very patient, kind and forgiving when I make mistakes or don't do things exactly how you might have liked.  I have learned a so much with you as my boss and your great sense of humor and quick laugh has made the duties so much fun.  But, I can't say that the last year has been all skittles and rainbows.  You have been hard on me.  You have made me cry.  You have kept me working late into the night and demanded that I be at work before I have even had time for a morning coffee.  I regularly carry you and I clean up the mess you leave behind every day with a smile.  I have learned a huge industry specific vocabulary including "sippy cup", "soapy truck", "cons-ruction", the difference between a "back hoe" and a "track hoe", and am also now familiar with all associated team members and their duties including Thomas, Percy, James, Bertie, Harold, Toopy & Binoo and have garnered strange looks when using this vocabulary outside of our working environment.  I have been vocal about my pride for your personal growth this year as well.  I hope that you have heard me cheering as you succeeded at doing something new or accomplished a task you had been working hard on.  Seeing you smile back at me is all the payment I need.  Nothing about this job makes me happier than seeing you succeed and grow.  I hope that you recognize my efforts in helping to expand your network of associates and enjoy their company in social circles.  I have watched these little people enrich your life and make you smile.  Sharing and learning with them has given us so much more to talk about and I know you look forward to seeing them as often as possible.
So Mr. Corbin, it is with mixed emotions that I come to you today to give you my resignation.  Although you have been everything I could hope for in a boss I resign to be a better employee today.  I resign to regain balance in my life by job sharing with another employer.  While this corporation does not have nearly the family orientation that you have provided me, it does offer compensation in a currency that can be utilized to pay the bills and fund our future adventures (the gummy bears you offer as trade are not widely accepted currency unfortunately).  It will afford me the time to be with you to watch you grow and learn on a daily basis but provide an outlet for me to return to 5 and 6 syllable medically related vocabulary that bring a smile to my face.  I will regain the ability to get things done quickly so that they don't impact the time we spend together.  Going forward, I hope you will be flexible with this new arrangement and enjoy your time during the day which will be spent with my assistant Adina.  Our overall schedule will not change: I will continue to read to you every morning when you come into my "office" and wake me up from my nap, I will help you choose your "suit" for the day and ensure you have a good breakfast, your day will be spent playing and learning and exploring with Adina and in the afternoon I will cross the hall from the new office full of desks, paperclips, printers, and teleconferences with the promise of fun activities since there will no longer be messes to clean and household chores to do.  I can commit to you that, I will be there for any and all important activities and accomplishments with short notice.  I will be the one to comfort you when you are sick, afraid or lonely - just call and I will be there.  I resign to do better, try harder and continue to be an employee that you see being on your team for eternity.   As I head back to the professional work world I know that I will treasure coming home to my second shift in a corporation that makes me feel like the most important employee on payroll.  I am thrilled to be taking on these extra responsibilities and promise that there will be swimming, road trips, bike rides, ice cream, camp fires, and even some surprise afternoon adventures just to see you smile.  As I head back to work we start a new adventure and this employee will see if her suits still fit.  I love you very very much - always and forever.
Signed, Mama

Dear Mama,
I want a grilled cheese sandwich shaped like a train with broccoli smoke and carrot tracks for dinner.  Please turn on Micky Mouse before you start using those words I don't know and stop telling me to be quiet when you are on the phone.  My company has always been based on a foundation of enthusiastic communications done at a HIGH volume - that is unlikely to change.  I hope Miss. Adi  likes my stories.  And, one more thing; I love you very very much - always and forever.  Now go make some money - this bread and water thing is getting old!


Mary Ann said...

Very cute!!! Such a wonderful Mom, making cheese sandwich trains. WOW

Mama said...

I pretty much love this.