Monday, July 25, 2011

Honorable discharge

Today was our last IA doctor follow up appointment.  The only thing Corbin needed clarified was, "Doctor, I don't need pokes today OK? I'm not sick and I don't like pokes"  Little does he know that next week is his last round of immunization catch ups... there will be tears... there will be pokes and there will be a slurpee (I promised).  We were in and out of the children's hospital escaping the dreaded pokes and honorably discharged from their program with no recommendation other than see your regular doctor in 20 minutes. Final measurements taken - the doctor completing her fellowship checked the numbers twice and said, "good job big guy!" with a high five for muscling through 11lbs and 6 1/2 inches in one year from 25percentile ht/wt to 65%...  I no longer worry about if he's eating OK :)  I asked about pre natal / post natal nutrition possibly affecting his adult teeth and they dismissed that saying appears to have caught up nutritionally and should have no problems.  I know I'm lucky - we're lucky.  He's healthy, he's on track physically, emotionally, intellectually and behaviorally.  There has been a lot of heated discussion on the adoption boards these days on the risks associated with Russian Adoption and I am thankful every day that my boy is perfect for me.  He may not be perfect and Lord knows I am certainly not but... we're pretty perfect together.  For fun, we did a "given your child's current stats, how tall will he be at 18 years old".  At 6 feet tall he'll be big enough to keep me in line that's for sure!

First drink from the hose

Insert screaming like a 5 year old HERE... followed by uncontrollable giggling

Here's some pictures from the weekend in the backyard splash about.  My neighbor caught my attention over the fence to tell me, "I could listen to the sound of children's laughter every day" and I answered, "me too..." just when he caught me dead on with the hose... and I squealed like a 5 year old and he laughed until he fell over in the water.  

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